WooCommerce (nl) v1.1.0 – Frontend translations for WooCommerce v2.1.2

Ten days ago WooThemes launched WooCommerce version 2.1. On the WooThemes blog you can read more about this update. The WooThemes developers also changed and added a lot of strings. For translators a lot of work, but we have finished the Dutch translations of the WooCommerce frontend strings. We are still working on the backend strings, but we already launched an update for the frontend translations in WooCommerce (nl) v1.1.0.

WooCommerce (nl) frontend translations


Pronamic Post Like v1.0.0 – First official release

Pronamic just launched the first official version of the Pronamic Post Like plugin. With this plugin WordPress developers can setup an like/vote system for WordPress posts. It also has basic support for Gravity Forms to implement a vote/link system via Gravity Forms entry notifications.

Gravity Forms

You can add a vote/link in a Gravity Forms notifcation by adding the following shortcode:

[pronamic_gform_post_like_link id="{entry_id}"]Like[/pronamic_gform_post_like_link]

Gravity Forms notification post like shortcode

On the Gravity Forms admin entry page you can check if an post like link in a entry notification was used to like the post.

Gravity Forms entry info liked

Pronamic FAQ v1.0.1 – Dashicon

Pronamic just launched version 1.0.1 of the Pronamic FAQ plugin. In this new version we switch over from a custom made PNG admin menu icon to a deafult WordPress 3.8 dashicon. The new dashicons are part of the new WordPress 3.8 user interface. The nice thing about these dashicons is that they are responsive ready.

Pronamic FAQ dashicon


You can get the latest version of the font/plugin from GitHub or the WP Plugin Directory:


Pronamic iDEAL v2.6.1 – Small improvements

Pronamic just launced version 2.6.1 of the Pronamic iDEAL plugin. In this version we made some small improvements:

  • Tweak – Reduced transient name length to avoid “data too long for column ‘option_name'” errors.
  •  Tweak – Membership – Added support for coupon codes.
  • Tweak – Membership – After successful payment redirect user to the “Registration completed page”.
  • Tweak – Easy Digital Downloads – Don’t display gateway input fieldset if the gateway doesn’t require input.

Pronamic iDEAL v2.5.0 – MultiSafepay and more

We just launched Pronamic iDEAL version 2.5.0, it’s a big update with support for the MultiSafepay gateway. MultiSafepay is a Dutch company who offers online payment services for more then 14 years.

Pronamic Pay MultiSafepay Config

By supporting the MultiSafepay gateway in the Pronamic iDEAL plugin the MultiSafe gateway is now available for the following WordPress extensions:

Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On

In version 2.5 we also improved support for the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On plugin. It’s now possible to delay user registration until the payment was succesfull.

Pronamic Pay feed delay user registration

OmniKassa requests with Yoast SSL-force script

We also found an conflict with OmniKassa payment status requests and the Yoast SSL-force script. In the Dutch blog “Pronamic iDEAL – OmniKassa conflict met Yoast SSL tip” you can find more details on this issue.

Enjoy the update!

Orbis v1.1.0 – Bootstrap v3.0.3

We just launched an big update of the Orbis theme wich replaces Bootstrap v2.1.1 with v3.0.3. The new Bootstrap has some major class changes and a lot of new and improved elements. Bootstrap is now also mobile first and it has dropped support for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6. More info about the changes can be found on the “How has Twitter Bootstrap 3 changed over version 2.3.2?” Stackoverflow topic.

Orbis - Bootstrap 3