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Why Orbis?

Every company strives for an optimal design of their business. So does Pronamic. A not well organized business takes time and money. Orbis helps us to organize our business in an efficient way.

Our approach

Orbis is built on WordPress. We believe in the power of WordPress. Okay, let’s face it, WordPress is probably not the most logical choice to serve as a framework for such a tool. In our opinion, however, it offers many advantages.

Benefits at a glance

We have tried a lot of existing systems. But never to full satisfaction. Orbis makes us smile though. Orbis is extendable, translatable, easy to use and can be fully managed.

Because every business is different

Orbis is easily extendable and highly flexible. You can make your own plugins, change the menu’s, add widgets and build your own themes.

Project management

A powerful feature of Orbis is managing projects. Add projects and connect them to companies, persons and categories. You can expand this functionality with Orbis Tasks and Orbis Timesheets for full functionality.

Customer relation management

Orbis is a great solution for CRM purposes based on a WordPress environment. Manage all of your companies and contacts in a user friendly framework and easily connect them to each other. Companies and persons can also be connected to projects, subscriptions and much more.

Orbis is a complete WordPress CRM plugin and easy in use for common WordPress users. Manage your companies, contacts, projects and more the way you’re used within WordPress.


WordPress is a powerful platform for all kinds of solutions. WordPress is a common platform for creating intranets. Orbis gives you everything you need to build the intranet you want.

Orbis plugins

Orbis is great. Our plugins are even greater. Try our plugins to boost up your business. We offering plugins for different purposes.

Orbis Tasks

An essential plugin for your project management. Connect tasks to projects and add them to users. With just one click you can complete a task.

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Orbis Timesheets

Time Management, Timesheet, Time Tracking solution for WordPress. Orbis Timesheets enables you to track your work time.

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Orbis Keychains

Never again lose your passwords. Save your keychains in a central place and login with one touch of a button. Never lose your passwords again.

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Orbis Subscriptions

This plugin give you the solution to connect subscriptions to companies. Make your own subscriptions and easily view the connected subscriptions.

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Orbis is free for download. However, we offer some nice subscriptions. No hidden fees. Try our regular en premium subscriptions, the best start for all business.


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Project management, CRM & more…


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