About Orbis

Every company strives for the optimal design of their business processes. So does Pronamic. We have a great passion for our profession and an unorganized business consumes time and money.

Since we couldn’t find any existing systems that satisfied our needs we developed our own custom tool. We called it Orbis. Orbis solved our initial problems and was an excellent starting point to enhance our business process.

Over the years Orbis seems to have been overtaken. It didn’t satisfy our needs anymore. For this reason we moved to various stand-alone systems so that we could focus on doing what we do best, building WordPress websites.

These solutions didn’t fully satisfy us. We always longed for the former Orbis. A system that was easy to use, with expressive forms and a tool that was easily extendable. The idea emerged. Revitalize Orbis. Continue doing what we are good at and convert Orbis to WordPress. Orbis has been reborn!

Our approach

Orbis is now built on WordPress. We believe in the power WordPress supplies and although WordPress may not be your first idea to serve as a framework for a CMS tool, we feel it has shown many advantages, particularly with extendability and control.

Orbis was created from a vision that such tools should be easily extendable. Orbis is primarily a framework with many, powerful and basic functions that can be extended with plugins. Best of all? The Orbis Framework is free. The base framework can be used as an intranet, project management tool, and as a basic CRM system. We will soon launch several additional plugins that will grant even more specific control. The first ones you will see include Orbis Tasks, Orbis Time Management and Orbis Keychains.

WordPress’ strength has always been its large community, and this will aid Orbis also. It has never been easier to optimize your business process, just the way you want.

Benefits at a glance

While we have tried a lot of existing systems, they never fully satisfied us. Orbis has, and that puts a bit smile on our face. So will you, when you realise some of the features Orbis gives you.

  • Easily extendable with plugins
  • Fully translatable
  • Orbis Framework is available for FREE
  • Various high quality themes
  • Fully manageable
  • Use you own hosting environment
  • Built on WordPress