Orbis Dashboard

Stay informed at a glance with the WordPress dashboard widgets that show your projects, companies, persons, news and much more.

  • Orbis dashboard

  • Orbis projects

  • Orbis projects

Manage projects

A powerful feature of Orbis. Add projects and connect them to companies. You can expand this functionality with Orbis Tasks and Orbis Timesheets.

Manage persons

Add persons and connect them to companies. These persons can also be connected to projects.

  • Orbis persons

  • Orbis persons

  • Orbis companies

  • Orbis companies

Manage companies

Companies are an important part of Orbis. They are used for projects, persons, subscriptions and much more. Comment on companies just the way you’re used within WordPress.


Use the standard WordPress functionality to add pages.

  • Orbis pages

  • Orbis posts


Use posts for your intranet.