With iDIN a merchant can identify the consumers name and address and verify if the age is 18+.


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8 August 2017


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iDIN is a way to identify the customers data through a verification system, build by the Dutch banks. For more information check the official iDIN website. You can use this extension if your store has an obligation to verify customer data (suge as age verification) for every purchase. This extension can verify customer data through CM services with the iDIN database (the extension integrates with CM services and not directly with iDIN). If you install this extension, during checkout there will be a possibility for the customer to login and verify data with his/her bank. After checking if the customers age is 18 years or older, the checkout will go to the next step in the process. You will need an separate account for subscription with CM Groep to connect your webshop iDIN. CM Groep is a third party that connects your Magento webshop with the iDIN database and is one of the official Identity Service Providers for iDIN.

A subscription and transaction fee applies on this service of provider CM:

  • Base fee: 225-425€/month
  • Transactions: 0,25-0,55€/transaction

There are no additional costs for the iDIN service itself. For more information and full pricing details please contact CM:


  • One time login and registration with iDIN
  • One time login without registration with iDIN
  • Recurring login with iDIN
  • Account iDIN age verification 18+
  • Checkout with iDIN age verification 18+
  • Product related checkout with iDIN age verification 18+
  • Shipping method dependency of age verification
  • (used) iDIN credits details in dashboard
  • Extensive iDIN logging

Easy and safe

To login or to identify someone using iDIN is very similar to the way Dutch consumers are using the most popular payment method iDEAL. In the merchant’s website, the user selects his own bank and gets redirected to the iDIN-screen of this bank. When the user logs in with his personal credentials, the bank will confirm his personal details safely to the merchant. Merchants won’t get any financial data from the user’s bank account such as balance or transactions. Right after the identification or login process, the connection between the bank and the merchant will be shutdown. So, the other way around, banks can’t get any information about the user like the visited pages or orders.

Account registration with iDIN

Offer your customers a safe registration progress by integrating iDIN in your webshop. This plugin creates accounts automatically, based on the iDIN powered information. This way you can be sure you have accurate customer details, any time.

Login with iDIN

When your customer is registered with iDIN, you can offer them the possibility to login via their bank, just like they would with iDEAL. This is possible in the checkout of your webshop and in ‘my account’. This creates a fast and safe way of logging in, and will make your customer finish his order faster.

18+ verification with iDIN

Is a 18+ verification necessary for products you offer? With the iDIN / WordPress plugin you can obligate your customer to do so; the age of the customer will be verified by iDIN before the order can be completed. You can even relate 18+ verification to particular products, so your other products can be sold without age verification.

In need of support?

This extension is established by collaboration of Pronamic and CM. Do you need any help during the installation or other challenges? Pronamic is WordPress specialist and will be pleased to help you. Send your question to

Need an iDIN licence?

CM is a Digital Identity Service Provider for iDIN. Find more information about connecting your webshop to iDIN via CM here: