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  1. Hello,
    i really like your Plugin Orbis. Is there a functionality that can dispay a projectstructure with a timeline like gantt?

    • Glad you like Orbis! Unfortunately, there’s no functionality to display Gantt charts.

    • There is currently only the option to set the valuta to Euro or Dollar. We can add the £ sterling though. We’ll add it in our next release. You can expect this release next week.

    • You can not send mail from “within” Orbis, but e-mailaddresses are shown for persons – which allows you to send mail to customers.

    • Have you installed the Orbis plugin and Orbis theme? If you’ve activated both of these, you should be up and running. In our manuals you can read some extra information about the configuration: If you’ve got some further questions don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

    • Reüel van der Steege

      No, new projects can only be created via Projects » Add new in the WordPress dashboard.

  2. I’d like to know if this would be possible :

    I’d like to firstly build a workflow like the following:

    Step 1 assign a patient to a trial and capture their personal details.
    Step 2 send the patient for blood tests
    Step 3 Wait 3 days after Step 2 and Provide the patient the test drug
    Step 4 Send request to “administrator / Manager” to approve continuation to next step
    Step 5 Manager Approves continuation of treatment
    Step 6 Wait 5 days and administer next drug
    Step 7 …
    Step 8 …
    Step 9 Completed

    The total duration of the above steps might be 10 days so this would be considered the workflow or Steps that the administrating doctor must follow.

    Now once the above has been created, then a patient can join the above workflow at any time and based on the workflow they will enter and exit at unspecified dates (meaning yes there is a start and end date but its based on the number of days that the workflow has and when the patient enters the trial). Multiple patients can join the same trial at different times. So there is no hard start and end date, its all relative to when a patient joins.

    I did find a few other possibilities, one is to use a task management tool like JIRA (Commercial software to create/track/assign workflows) but i was looking for a more lightweight method.

    • Hello Gresham,

      Ik think Orbis isn’t the best solution for that workflow. Orbis is primarily intented for project management. Of course you can extend Orbis with some extra functionality, but you have to do some programming there. I think there are other solutions that comes closer to your needs. You can always try Orbis to see if you can make something that works for you.

  3. Pablo Verbel

    Hi. i want to list all project of the one category with a menu link in the frontend.
    Can i change the Time of the project for the Date, i need the Date start and End in the description.
    How can I do this?

  4. Hi there!

    I would love to implement Orbis for a intranet I am working on. It’s for a business club and they want certain parts of they’re website to run on private pages behind a login.

    For instance, they want all they’re members on member overview and detail pages. And make it possible for members to sign up for events they put on a private calendar.

    Do you think Orbis could be a way to approach they project?

    Gr Steven

  5. […] Orbis is a powerful WordPress plugin perfect for running your online business. Packed with project management, customer relation management (CRM), and Intranet functionalities, this business tool is a flexible solution for those looking to stay organized, extend their business tools, and gain more control. Add new projects, include clients, connect with staff, and customize it all to match your needs using the sensible and easy-to-use WordPress dashboard turned business management tool. […]

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