Pronamic Domain Mapping

The Pronamic Domain Mapping plugin allows you to link domains to specific WordPress pages.


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7 June 2022


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  1. Hello There,

    Your Domain mapping wordpress plugin is sofar the best solution I could find for my website.
    Thank you for creating it.
    I only have some trouble making it work together with WPML and wordpress admin panel.
    As soon as I i visit a mapped to domain, my wordpress admin header vanishes and the WPML language switch stops working.

    Is there something I can do to make this work?
    Can you help?

    Best regards,
    Coen Holten

    • Sorry for the late reply, we completely missed your comment earlier. Can you try to update to latest version of the WPML plugins and the “Pronamic Domain Mapping” plugin. If you still have issues after updating please let us know.

  2. Hi,
    om de multisite mogelijkheid te activeren, heb ik onderstaand geprobeerd.
    Maar ik wordt nog steeds doorverwezen naar het hoofd domein van de website.

    WordPress Network
    If you work with an WordPress Network and want to enable domain pages you have to add the following line to your /wp-content/sunrise.php file.

    $file = WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/plugins/pronamic-domain-mapping/sunrise.php’;
    if ( is_readable( $file ) ) {
    include $file;

  3. I can’t find out how to publish domain name pages automatically. I don’t want them to list in the header area, I would like to solve to appear in the right sidebar somehow. I’ve tried some collapsing category boxes, I chose domain name pages to show in these plugins but nothing happened.

    • When editing the domain name page, there’s a setting for the GA tracking ID (“UA code”) in the Domain Name Mapping meta box. This requires the Yoast SEO plugin to work. On page load, the Yoast SEO settings are temporarily altered to use the UA code of the domain name page.

  4. ManagedWPHosting


    would you be so kind to bump the readme.txt file on SVN to works up to WP 5.3.2 ?

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