Pronamic Events

Why Pronamic Events?

How often do you use a calendar functionality to your WordPress website? Quite often probably? At Pronamic in many cases. Therefore, we have developed a useful Pronamic Events plugin. A stable plugin without frills. And the good news is, it’s for free!

What it does

The plugin provides the ability to publish events. The archive page URL can be changed. The following parts are manageable:

  • Start Date
  • End date
  • Start Time
  • End time
  • Location
  • Website
  • Event category

Template functions

We tried to keep the plugin as simple as possible. As a result, it is in many cases necessary to adapt the various templates (archive-pronamic_event.php and single-pronamic_event.php).

Add new event

Adding an event works straightforward. Give at least a title, description and start date. Then the event is automatically displayed on the archive pages.


Of course, the plugin uses the widget functionality of WordPress. The output of this widget is completely customizable with a flexible template system. Choose one of the following templates:

  • widget-pronamic-events-{sidebar_id}.php
  • widget-pronamic-events-{widget_id}.php
  • widget-pronamic-events.php

There is no changelog available.

2 thoughts

  1. Christopher on said:

    Is there any functionality that works with Orbis? ie I give a due date to a task and it shows up on the calendar for a project calendar?

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