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What it does

Pronamic likes to make things easy. This plugin allows you to easily integrate Google Maps on your website. You can easily add location and meta data to a page, post or a custom post type. This plugin adds a meta box with an Google Map to the post editor. Users can easily drag and drop a marker on the map to save location meta data for a post.


Why do we need more plugins for Google Maps? The reason that Pronamic has developed an own plugin is because we use Google Maps API version 3, shortcodes, no extra tables, no notices of warnings and you can use it with Custom Post Types and create an Google Maps mashup.


The installation is easy. Just extract the zip file and activate the plugin. In addition you should also add some code to your templates.

There is no changelog available.

7 thoughts

  1. velli on said:

    The mashup map function doesn’t work with WP4.4 🙁
    [googlemaps width=100% height=350 new_design=true]
    Do you will fix it?

  2. Dieter on said:

    the pronamic google map doesn’t work correctly in tabs or accordions!? On page loading and selecting the tab which is placed the map – the map is empty. If i change the browser window size only a little bit. Then the map is showing.

    Thanks & Regards

    other Google Map Plugin has a fix like that:
    Are you trying to display the map in Tabs or Accordions?
    If you are trying to display the map in a tab or an accordion, you’ll need to modify the code to suit this (We have tried to put a universal check in for this but depending on your theme or plugin, this may not work as it should).

    Please open wp-google-maps-pro/js/core.js and search for the following piece of code:

    jQuery(‘body’).on(‘tabsactivate’, function(event, ui) {
    for(var entry in wpgmaps_localize) {
    Directly below that, add the following:

    jQuery(‘body’).on(‘click’, ‘.the_class_name_of_your_tab_or_accordion’, function(event, ui) {
    for(var entry in wpgmaps_localize) {
    Replace the .the_class_name_of_your_tab_or_accordion with the relevant class name of the element.

    • Reüel on said:

      This issue with the Fusion tabs of the Avada theme has been resolved through a support ticket by adding the following Javascript to the page:

      jQuery( document ).ready( function() {
      jQuery( ‘.fusion-tabs .nav-tabs > li’ ).on( ‘click’, function( e ) {
      setTimeout( function() {
      jQuery( ‘.pgm, .pgmm’ ).each( function() {
      google.maps.event.trigger( jQuery( this ).data( ‘google-maps’ ), ‘resize’ );
      }, 500 );

  3. Elisa on said:


    The documentation is dire. How the hell do I add a map to my website? On the wordpress plugin page I get a bunch of shortcodes but how do I actually tell it what to map??

    We need decent documentation for the clueless here. Otherwise this plugin is useless.

    • Reüel on said:

      Elisa, did you enable Google Maps support for your desired post type? In your WordPress dashboard, see the Google Maps » Settings menu item. Once enabled for a post type, there will be an additional meta box to assign a location to a post. The `[googlemaps]` shortcodes use the location of that post and the `[googlemapsmashup]` allow you to make a ‘mashup’, which adds markers for the locations of a selection of posts to the map. For further theme integration, please also see the examples at

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