Pronamic Pay

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The Pronamic Pay plugin adds payment methods like iDEAL, Bancontact, credit card and more to your WordPress site for a variety of payment providers.

A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Price excluding VAT.


€49 - €249
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8 January 2020


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Pronamic Pay

Pronamic Pay is the most complete payment plugin for WordPress available. Accept payments through iDEAL and creditcard in WordPress. iDEAL is the most popular payment method in the Netherlands, so if you want to start with e-commerce in the Dutch market: you’ll need iDEAL. The plugin also supports the Bancontact payment method, which is commonly used in Belgium. With over 175,000 downloads, the plugin has proven itself as a reliable WordPress solution to use for your payments. Pronamic has many years of experience in WordPress theme and plugin development and offers professional support.

Key benefits

  • Quickly add and edit payment provider configurations
  • Easily execute required iDEAL tests with custom amounts
  • Automatic status updates in WordPress of webshop orders
  • Continually updated to support the latest e-commerce plugins
  • Built-in generation of required security certificates
  • Works with all popular WordPress e-commerce plugins
  • Easily switch between different payment providers
  • Reliable payment solution, with over 100,000 downloads

Supported payment providers

The actual financial transaction will be processed by the payment provider. You’ll need an account with an payment provider to be able to actually receive payments. The providers charge a small transaction fee for processing the transaction and some providers require a paid subscription. The uniqueness of our plugin is that it facilitates integration with dozens of payment providers, which means freedom of choice and the possibility to switch at anytime without hassle.

ABN AMROABN AMRO – iDEAL Zelfbouw (v3)
AdyenAdyen (Pro license required for Adyen add-on)
BuckarooBuckaroo – HTML
Deutsche BankDeutsche Bank – iDEAL Expert (v3)
EMSEMS – e-Commerce
Fibonacci ORANGEFibonacci ORANGE
iDEAL SimulatoriDEAL Simulator – iDEAL Professional / Advanced / Zelfbouw (v3)
INGING – iDEAL Advanced (v3)
INGING – iDEAL Kassa Compleet
MultiSafepayMultiSafepay – Connect
Ingenico/OgoneIngenico/Ogone – DirectLink
Ingenico/OgoneIngenico/Ogone – OrderStandard
RabobankRabobank – OmniKassa 2.0
RabobankRabobank – iDEAL Professional (v3)
TargetPayTargetPay – iDEAL

Supported WordPress e-commerce plugins

The configuration for the payment provider can be used in a lot of supported e-commerce plugins. The Pronamic Pay plugin adds payment methods to the below listed plugins, so the payments can be processed through your payment provider of choice. The Pronamic Pay plugin is the missing link between the payments providers and WordPress e-commerce plugins.

NameAuthorWordPress.orgGitHubRequires at leastTested up to
CharitableStudio 164aWordPress.orgGitHub1.31.4.0
Easy Digital DownloadsPippin WilliamsonWordPress.orgGitHub1.
Event Espresso 3  GitHub3.
Event Espresso 3 Lite WordPress.orgGitHub3.1.29.1.L3.1.35.L
Event Espresso 4  GitHub4.4.7.p4.9.7.p
Event Espresso 4 Decaf WordPress.orgGitHub4.4.4.decaf4.4.4.decaf
Formidable Forms WordPress.orgGitHub2.
Give WordPress.orgGitHub1.
Gravity FormsRocketgenius
Gravity Forms AWeber Add-OnRocketgenius
Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Add-OnRocketgenius
Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-OnRocketgenius
Gravity Forms User Registration Add-OnRocketgenius  1.81.8
Gravity Forms Zapier Add-OnRocketgenius
iThemes ExchangeiThemesWordPress.orgGitHub1.
MemberPressCaseproof, LLC
Membership GitHub3.
Ninja FormsThe WP Ninjas GitHub3.
s2Member®WebSharks, Inc.WordPress.orgGitHub130816160801
ShoppIngenesis LimitedWordPress.orgGitHub1.11.3.5
WP e-CommerceInstinct EntertainmentWordPress.orgGitHub3.
Crowdfunding by
JobRollerAppThemes   1.7.1
VantageAppThemes   1.3.2
CampaignifyAstoundify   1.5


You’ll receive a download link per e-mail for your purchase. Just unpack the ZIP file and place the ‘pronamic-ideal’ directory in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation. The plugin can be activated through the Plugins page in the WordPress dashboard. The support license key should be entered in the plugin settings, via the menu item iDEAL » Settings.

Are there any known plugin conflicts?

Unfortunately WordPress is notorious for conflicts between themes and plugins. It is unavoidable as you have no control over what other plugins and themes do. While we do take steps to avoid conflicts as best we can, we have no control over other plugins or themes.

As conflicts are found we will update this list. If you discover a conflict with a another plugin, please notify us.

Here is a list of known plugin conflicts:

  • WordPress HTTPS
    The WordPress HTTPS can conflict with the OmniKassa payment method. It can
    cause invalid signature errors. The WordPress HTTPS plugin parses the complete
    output of an WordPress website and changes ‘http’ URLs to ‘https’ URLs, this
    results in OmniKassa data that no longer matches the signature.
  • WPML
    The WPML plugin(s) can conflict with multiple gateways. A lot of the gateways use home_url( ‘/’ )` to retrieve the WordPress home URL. The WPML plugins hooks in to this function to change the home URL to the correct language URL. This can result in incorrect checksums, signatures and hashes.
Easy Digital Downloads
Ninja Forms
Restrict Content Pro
Membership 2
Event Espresso
Gravity Forms
Formidable Forms
WP eCommerce
Appthemes ClassiPress
Alipay Adyen, MultiSafepay
Bank transfer
Bank transfer Buckaroo, ING Bank, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Sisow
American Express
American Express Adyen, Buckaroo, EMS, ICEPAY, Ingenico, Mollie, MultiSafepay,
SOFORT Banking
SOFORT Banking Adyen, Buckaroo, EMS, ICEPAY, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Sisow
SEPA direct debit
SEPA direct debit Mollie
PayPal Adyen, Buckaroo, EMS, ING Bank, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Rabobank, Sisow
Klarna – Pay later
Klarna – Pay later Adyen,, Sisow
Maestro Adyen, Buckaroo, EMS, ICEPAY, Ingenico, ING Bank, Mollie, Rabobank
Mastercard Adyen, Buckaroo, EMS, ICEPAY, ING Bank, Ingenico, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Rabobank, Sisow
Visa Adyen, Buckaroo, EMS, ICEPAY, ING Bank, Ingenico, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Rabobank, Sisow
Giropay Adyen, Buckaroo, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Sisow
AfterPay Adyen,, Rabobank, Sisow
KBC Mollie, MultiSafepay
Bancontact Adyen, Buckaroo, EMS, ICEPAY, ING Bank, Ingenico, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Rabobank, Sisow
Belfius Mollie, MultiSafepay, Sisow
iDEAL ABN AMRO, Adyen, Buckaroo, Deutsche Bank, EMS, ICEPAY, ING Bank, Ingenico, Mollie, MultiSafepay,, Rabobank, Sisow, TargetPay


Please see the Getting Started manual.

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