Pronamic Pay Contact Form 7 Add-On

Add-On for Contact Form 7 to integrate with Pronamic Pay

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13 April 2022


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Pronamic Pay Contact Form 7 Add-On

The Contact Form 7 Add-On for Pronamic pay allows you to create payment forms with the most used forms plugin for WordPress. Connect Pronamic Pay with your favorite Payment Serivce Provider and use it with Contact Form 7.

The Contact Form 7 Add-on is available with a valid Basic, Pro or Developer license.

With more then 40 tags to be used in Contact Form 7 you can create full-fledged payment forms. For a complete list of available tags, please see our manual. You can connect Contact Form 7 with all of the by Pronamic Pay supported PSP’s.

Supported Payment Service Providers and plugins

The Contact Form 7 Add-On can be used with the payment methods mentioned below. Besides these payment methods, you can use the add-on also in combination with the Fundraising Add-on for Pronamic Pay.


We have written a manual for the Contact Form 7 Add-on on how to setup the add-on with Proanmic Pay and the supported PSP’s.

Get started

Get your Pronamic Pay Basic-license and start using the Contact Form 7 Add-On.

With more then 5 million active installs Contact Form 7 is the 7th most used plugin for WordPress. The user-friendly interface for creating forms and the fact it’s freely downloadable makes the plugin is very popular.

Easily creating forms

Contact Form 7 was one of the first plugins who made it possible to add forms to a website. With a simple user interface the plugin makes is easy to create a registration form or to create a questionnaire. By simply clicking on the desired fields a form can be created. With the help of a shortcode of a ‘block’ the form can be added tot a page or post.

Pronamic Pay and Contact Form 7

Originally Contact Form 7 is not designed to create payment forms. The plugin doesn’t have ‘product fields’, which are available with other form plugins like Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms. To still be able to receive payments with Contact Form 7 you can use the Pronamic Pay plugin.

The Contact Form 7 add-on for our plugin makes it possible to transform standard fields to product fields and connects the plugin with several popular payment providers. Use radio buttons, check boxes or a standard input field for the amount you want to show on your form. Adding a payment method or bank list field is also easy to realise with Pronamic Pay.

Alternatives for Contact Form 7

Pronamic Pay also supports several different form plugins. Which can be a good alternative for Contact Form 7. These plugins are Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms and Ninja Forms. Gravity Forms is a popular plugin, partly due to the many extensions available and flexibility to create custom forms.