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Save time and money. connect the popular online accounting software Twinfield with WooCommerce. The best of both systems. The administration is not always the most fun job and can be time consuming. With the WooCommerce Twinfield plugin there is a solution that saves time and money.

What does the plugin?

The plugin insert data from WooCommerce into Twinfield. This is an one way destination. Orders in WooCommerce will be added as a draft bill in Twinfield. That’s the only thing the plugin does but certainly no less. Pronamic conscious choose to develop a plugin that is perhaps not very extensive but stable and safe. For example, the plugin take care of the different VAT rates and discounts on items.

What the plugin doesn’t do?

A stable and secure solution is the most important thing. Step by step we extend the plugin. Specifically, this means that the solution we offer is not a one-click-on-the-button solution. Handicraft remains necessary and we are honest in that. Credit management and stock management is for example not included in this plugin. Questions about the functionality of the plugin? Please contact us for an honest advice.

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