WooCommerce Bulk Product Variations

The WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin makes it possible to create a large number of product variations. Simply connect a CSV file to your WooCommerce variable product. All rows and columns within the file will be translated and presented as variable product attributes.

When a customer selects an option al other attributes are real-time dynamicly updated.

Below an example of a possible sizing chart.

Gender Brand Size Price
Male Nike S € 197,95
Male Nike L € 198,95
Male Nike XL € 199,95
Female Adidas L € 188,95
Male Adidas XL € 189,95
Female Brunotti S € 108,95
Female Brunotti L € 109,95
Male Brunotti XL € 110,95

Installation and configuration

After purchasing and installing the plugin activate it and you are good to go. Create and save a variable product and add a default attribute, for example a couple of color variables. Navigate to the bulk variation data tab and add your CSV file with product attributes and variables. Save your variable product and take a look. All variable options are now visible on your product page.

CSV file type not permitted

WordPress by default does not allow CSV files to be uploaded in their media library. This due to security reasons. Easily allow the `text/csv` mime type by adding a filter hook or by using a mime type manager plugin.


Need help with the plugin configuration? Please contact support.

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