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A great solution for multisite WooCommerce sites or seperate WooCommerce sites.

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13 August 2020


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  1. Can you customize this plugin that the stock is ONLY synchronized when a Order Status changes to Processing on any website.

  2. Just purchased and tried this out on two online sites.

    Sync requests and some “success” messages are getting logged. No products are actually being synchronized though. Please advise.

    • For the plugin to sync the actual stock, both sites need to have products with the same SKUs. Only stock will be synced, not the actual products.

  3. Hello there just curious if this plugin works in conjunction with woocommerce and booking system pro?

    • WooCommerce Stock Synchronization hasn’t been tested specifically with Booking System Pro. The plugin syncs the stock of WooCommerce products at multiple sites as soon as stock changes. If Booking System Pro increases or decreases stock of a WooCommerce product, WooCommerce Stock Synchronization should successfully sync that change to the configured sites. Please let us know if it works as expected.

  4. Seems to work well with simple products, but doesn’t work at all with variable products. Support was good until the variable product issues, and now we can’t seem to get a response, which is a shame, because it could be a great plugin.

    • Hi Nathan,

      The last support message was sent by one of my colleagues (on January 7th) who was awaiting your response, so it seems a little unfair to me to say “can’t seem to get a response”. We’re here to help.

      I just had a look at your WooCommerce products and I’d suggest assigning a unique SKU to every variation. For example, if the SKU of the parent product is ITR-075, name the variations ITR-075V1, ITR-075V2, etc. This might solve your issue with stock of variable products not syncing. Please let me know if this solves the issue.

      Best regards,

      Reüel van der Steege

    • My apologies, there didn’t seem to be a notification, but there was definitely a followup on the 7th. I tried changing the variation sku as suggested, but still no luck. Hopefully we can get it working! Thanks.

    • Nathan,

      I just checked again and it seems stock synchronization is working correctly now. Please let me know through your support ticket.

      Best regards,

      Reüel van der Steege

  5. Hi eveyone,

    I’m testing to use Woocommerce with Polylang and synchro of stocks is disabled.
    Do you know if it’s possible to deploy your plugin to synchro stocks between different languages ?

    I understand that your plugin works with multisites but if porducts (and variants) have the SKU in the same single site, it is maybe possible…

    Best regards

    • Dear Matthieu,

      As long as there are two WooCommerce shops and the products/variants have the same SKU, the plugin should work. I don’t expect Polylang will change any of that, but haven’t tested it.

      Best regards,

      Reüel van der Steege

  6. Hi, I have your plug in installed on two sites. Site #2 has an exact replication of the products on site #1 so the SKUs are identical. I cannot get the synchronization to work though via Push Stock. The only thing I can think of is that site #1 runs on full https://

    Can you please help?
    thank you

    • Dear Bec,

      Please, can you send WordPress administrator login details for both sites to We’ll have a look and try to solve your issue.

      Best regards,

      Reüel van der Steege

  7. jonathan kenton

    hi guys
    thanks for all your good work.
    is your plugin up to date with the latest versions of wordpress and woocommerce?

  8. Is it possible to have one “master” site which would only provide stock values to other “slave” sites but won’t get updated from other sites in process?

    We would have four sites: A,B,C,D

    A = master inventory site, only provides stock data to sync
    B,C,D = slave sites’ stocks would get syncronised with each other

    A –> [ B C D ]

    • Yes, this is possible. If you only enter the URL’s of site B C D on site A you have master/slave setup.

  9. Hi guys,

    Just one pre-purchase question 😉

    Is this plugin working with “bookings addon”?

    I mean if I have a WP multisite environment to handle languages and I have let’s say one room available in “” (spanish site) and get a reservation for XX days… will this plugin synchronize the reservation with the equivalent product/room in “” (english site)?

    Thanks in advanced!

    • We haven’t test this and i’m afraid the “WooCommerce Stock Synchronization” won’t work as expected with the “WooCommerce Bookings” plugin. Bookings are complexer then just simple product stock quantities.

  10. Hi,that is a great plug in that i looking for! But i have a pre-purchase question ,if I would have a main site they provides data to sync to other subsite ,i know this is working great with this plug in , is it possible the main site also handling other sub sites payment and shipping issues.

    I explain clearly :

    I want my main site provides product data sync with other sub-sites A,B,C ,when subsite “A ” have an order ,user want to make a payment it will redicrect to main site ,maint site handling all the payment and shipping issues. The sub sites just like a sample website.

    Have any ideal for this or can u customize for us ?


    • This is not possible with the “WooCommerce Stock Synchronization” plugin. Also note that this plugin only synchronizes the stock quantity. It won’t create new products or synchronize other product data. Handling all the payment and shipping logic on a main site is complexer. We don’t have plans to develop an solution for this.

  11. I was curious how the initial inventory count sync worked. Do you simply specify 2hich site has the correct inventory numbers and then it will duplicate 5hose counts on the other site(s)?

    • On the site that has the correct stock levels, you add the URL of the shop to sync to at the tab ‘Websites’. Make sure the plugin is active and share the same password on both sites. On the site with the correct stock levels, you can use the “Push Stock” button to do an initial sync. When the sync has finished, don’t forget to add the website URL (of the shop which had the correct stock levels) at the shop where you just synced to.

  12. Your plugin is very cool.

    I see, it is licensed under GPL V2. Therefore I could easily load from Github and use without payment?

    In my test environment, the plugin is working properly in a multisite installation after the Fix with “$this->process_sync = false;”

    Would it be possible, to synchronize the product price – based on the SKU – too?

    If you still can synchronize the cart of several Multisite-Shops on the basis of SKU, you can get rich with this plugin !!! 😉

    Best Regards

  13. Thanks, Stef.

    You’re welcome to download from Github to testdrive the plugin. If you like the plugin and are going to use it, it would be nice of you to buy a license. With the purchase of a license you make further development and maintenance updates possible.

    I’m afraid that syncing carts won’t be possible, at least it is not within the scope of the WooCommerce “Stock” Synchronization plugin. I’ll add syncing prices to our wish list. We might add it in a future update.

  14. Hi,

    The idea sounds great! Does this also work for just within 1 website? Bit of a strange one, i have 3 separate products, same SKU codes and just need it to deplete all 3 product inventories with 1 when a customer purchases one of the 3 different products.

    Cheers, Liv

    • No, unfortunately this won’t work. The plugin has been built to sync products to/from multiple sites. Therefore it really needs multiple sites to sync products.

    • Please use the green “Buy now” button at the top of this page. You’ll receive the download link by e-mail after your purchase. Thank you!

  15. Hey Pronamic.

    I have the same issue as Nathan. My variable products do not sync, when a product is sold. The products and variables all have the same SKU, so there should not be any problems there.

    I have the version 1.1.2, and i do not know how I can get the updated version and if that would solve my problem

    Best regards

    • The current version is 2.0.3 and it will probably solve your issue (1.1.2 was loooong time ago 😉 ), you should be able to download the plugin through your account page (see ‘Account’ at the right top of this page).

      If you’re still having trouble updating, please send me your license key at so I can send you the updated plugin.

      Best regards,

      Reüel van der Steege

  16. I have a pre-sales question. Not sure if your plugin can handle my request.

    My client has 5 retail stores and wants 1 online shop but all retail stores have their own “local” decentral stock as they need for the local visitors. So we are not using any multi-site or multi-domain, just 1 webshop.
    1 retail store from 5 (the biggest one) is acting as the distributing hub/warehouse. When a store almost run out of stock, they get supplied from the hub.
    In the webshop strategy they need want to handle the local stock as well, so in fact I would need 5 stock locations in WooCommerce.
    Why: because clients can also choose for pickup in local retail store.

    Would your plugin be able to create 5 stock locations and deduct stock from right local retail store (in case local pick-up), otherwise it needs to deduct from the “main” stock from hub/warehouse.

    I hope my question is clear. In case your plugin can’t handle this request, any ideas or directions you can give me? Thanks!


  17. Hi,

    i already bought the plugin from happywp. in the email there is no license key or pronamic account details… Where can i get the latest version..


    • Wido,

      Thank you for the addition. Please forward the e-mail you’ve received from HappyWP to I’ll send you the update by e-mail.

      Best regards,

      Reüel van der Steege

  18. Hi Reuel,

    I’ve been looking at your plugin and I have a quick question that you might be able to help me answer.

    I’ll be working with several Woocommerce websites similar to some of the examples you’ve mentioned before (e.g. &, &, etc). One of those will be the “source” inventory depending on which one I’ll start up first.

    From what I understand your plugin stock sync is done “internally” (no export into xml, csv, excel, etc) but what should I do if I want to also sync this “source” inventory within Woocommerce to other platforms/marketplaces outside of Woocommerce that has access to API (XML or JSON). All this language is actually quite foreign to me but I do understand that this type is synchronization is possible.

    Would I be able to automatically import/export (or do it live whenever possible) my “source” inventory to somewhere external (DropBox, Google Drive, etc) and have still sync via API to other outside platforms/marketplaces?

    Looking forward to your reply and implementing your plugin within our Woocommerce setups.


    • Hi Theric,

      The WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin can only be used to sync stock automatically between two or more WooCommerce shops (in the settings of this plugin you can add websites which have the plugin activated too, stock will be pushed to these sites automatically). With this plugin it is not possible to export data in XML format to external sources.

      You’ll need to find or develop a plugin to export data to external sources (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.). Such plugins can be used besides the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin.

      Please let us know if you need any further information.

      Best regards,

      Reüel van der Steege

  19. Hi,

    i already bought the plugin from happywp. It sync all products stock but don’t update the product up sell of the products . Is there any way to sync there product up sell also???


  20. tiago fernandez

    Bought the plugin but does not appear the field synchronizes all or log, which can be happening ?? already installed the plugin on both sites, most not appear at all. Sorry my bad English.

    • Did you follow the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization manual from

      Please check the following settings in the WordPress dashboard (WooCommerce » Stock Synchronization):

      – on tab ‘Settings’: is the URL of the shop you want to sync TO, entered in the URLs field?
      – on tab ‘Settings’: is the password the same on both stores?
      – on the ‘Websites’ tab: is the URL of the other shop listed and is there a checkmark in the ‘Status’ column and no errors in the ‘Error’ field?
      – are the SKUs of the products you’re trying to sync exactly the same on both sites? (Please note that if you’re using variable products, each variation needs it’s own unique SKU to make syncing possible)
      – is the log empty on both sites? If not, please send screenshots of these pages (both stores) to, we might be able to discover what’s going wrong.

  21. Hi there,

    we have already purchased the plugin, and having some troubles.

    We have the two stores set up, running since months. Now we wanted to push stocks from site “a” to site “b”.

    The first problem is: we have over 700 products / site (sharing the correct matching sku-s), and we only see 100 listed on both sites under “stock” tab in the “stock synchronization” menu. (we see the same 100 products in the lists)

    The second problem is, when I click “push stock”, it’s like something’s happening, the page is reloading, and says sync finished, but site “b” never gets the stock data.

    Checking in the log I see an error message, but I don’t know how to fix it.
    The error is: Failed – Synchronization to: (response code: 500, error: )

    Somehow it seems like automatic sync works between the sites, as I see in the log, there are no other errors.

    Please help me fix this issue.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Reüel van der Steege

      The numbers of items on the ‘Stock’ tab is limited to 100 items, but all items will get synchronized when you use the ‘Push stock’ button.

      The HTTP code 500 is a ‘Internal Server Error’, maybe the server logs give insights as to why this error occurs?

  22. Thank you for your fast answer, I simply had no clue where to start digging! I’m checking the logs, thank you again!

  23. Hi

    I am trying to find out if Stock Sync works with WCVendors.

    If the main site has WCVendors, with multiple vendors having their own unique SKU products… will external wordpress sites be able to sync their products from the main site?

    If they checkout from the external site, it should lower the main site inventory? and vice versa?

    Thanks for the clarification.


    • Reüel van der Steege

      The plugin has not been tested with WC Vendors and we don’t have any experience with the plugin. If the plugin works as I expect, it might technically be possible to use the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin. But from a security point of view it’s not a good idea, as there’s only one password for the stock sync plugin which would need to be used by all vendors. This makes it possible to change stock levels in the stores of other vendors – which is something you don’t want to happen.

    • Hi,
      Just revisiting, I still would like external websites to sync their products with the main website running Woo+WCVendors and vice-versa.
      The main site has multiple vendors, whereas each vendor can have an external ecommerce website that needs 2 way product syncing.
      How much would this cost to develop?

    • Are you looking for a solution that will synchronize only the stock value or all product data? Unfortunately we can’t help you with a solution that will synchronize all product data (title, content, image, price, etc.).

  24. “But from a security point of view it’s not a good idea, as there’s only one password for the stock sync plugin which would need to be used by all vendors. This makes it possible to change stock levels in the stores of other vendors – which is something you don’t want to happen.”

    Can you have one master site, with all woo products syncing from multiple external sites?

    The master site is essentially a marketplace showing the products of all other connected sites, also allowing people to purchase on the master site too.


  25. Tried installing the repository to test, and wasnt able to get any joy…. not quite sure what im doing wrong the status say success code 200

    • Yes, only stock levels are synchronized. To match the products, the SKU of a product (or product variation; make sure each product variation has it’s own unique SKU) is used as an ‘identifier’. The price doesn’t get used for identification and will not be synchronized to other shops.

  26. Ive set it up correctly according to the manual and followed everything up. Under websites tab “status” looks good on both.
    But its working one way only.
    In website A editing products or pushing the sync button work perfectly, the other one B syncs.
    Now on B, no method has been good to make it A sync.
    The log on B shows it receives perfectly, but fails to be the intiate the sync on A itself,

    -A log-
    6 mins ago Succeeded – Synchronization to: http://B (response code: 200)
    13 mins ago Succeeded – Synchronization to: http://B (response code: 200)

    -B log-
    3 mins ago Received synchronization request from A
    9 mins ago Failed – Synchronization to: http://A (response code: 200, error: )

    Any idea why this might happen? B is a subdirectory of A fwiw. like B= http://A/global/ and they are different wordpress fresh installs.
    Thanks in advance

  27. Hello! Wich version of wordpress and woocommerce are compatible with your plugin?


  28. Presales question:
    If I would use this plugin for two sites; one in French and one in dutch, do I have to check 2 sites for new orders?
    And I have 2 lists with users?
    I worked with wpml before but then we had big problems in stock sync between the two languages.

    • Yes, you have to check 2 sites for new orders and yes you have 2 lists with users. This plugin will only synchronize the stock based on the SKUs of your products. That’s also why the plugin is named “WooCommerce Stock Synchronization”.

  29. Hi There Pronamic!

    I also have a Pre Sale question 🙂

    I’m using Wp-all Import to import my stockupdate from the backoffice into 5 different webshops.

    Now i’d like to make 1 of 5 te main hub for import from my backoffice and from there your plug kicks in. after updating 1 site i’d like your plug to update the other sites.

    Do you have any experience with massive stock updates?

    Because i worry that my sites will slow down alot if every product is updated in around 20 min on 4 domeins within a multisite.

    Love to hear your experience on this subject!


    • The “WooCommerce Stock Synchronization” plugin will only synchronize the stock, so the transmitted data is minimized to the product SKU and stock. If you have about 1000 products with SKU length of 4 characters and an stock not higher then 1000 the data transfered will be maximum 16 KB. Updating 1000 products at once could however take quite some time, but we haven’t had issues with this. Best thing to do is to try this and see how things go.

  30. Lisa O'Donnell

    Hope you are well,

    This plugin looks great. I am looking for a solution as I do have a third party website who would like to join my woo commerce multi-site. She is a complete separate website and finding out of course if she is using woo commerce on her website.

    She would like to join my online markets but concerned about stock running out and have had this issue with stock syncronising and running out. Over selling to customers. Will this work?

    Please note we are completely separate websites. I am with over 100 aussie stores and hers is

    Would love her to join my site but am trying to find a automative way for this to work.

    Thank you.

    • This plugin updates the stock quantity on connected separate WooCommerce stores as soon as stock quantity for a product changes (for example when increasing/decreasing the stock quantity by editing the product via the WordPress dashboard or when a product has been sold). You’ll need to install the plugin at both sites, set a ‘common synchronization password’ (so the plugin will only update stock levels for authorized requests) and add the site(s) to push stock to. Products are identified by their SKU, so they’ll need to have the same SKU on all sites that the plugin synchronizes to.

  31. i want to buy this plugin, but my country not in list.. how to order ?


    • Reüel van der Steege

      Rina, we’ve added your country (as mentioned in the e-mail you’d send) to the list of countries at checkout.

  32. André Kuperus

    I have 3 websites I need to synchronise stock positions with each other and I filled in eveything in settings according to the manual but I get error:
    Failed – Synchronization to: (response code: 200, error: )

    What does ‘response code: 200’ means ?

  33. Adebayo Taofik

    Hello, does this plugin have any compatibility issues with the latest woo and wordpress update, Just a pre-sales question

  34. B.G. Anders

    Hi there,
    if i buy now, i get one year updates & support, but what happens after that and how long will you be keeping the plugin alive ? I have to install for a client and make sure it is working at least 3 -5 years. Otherwise the plugin it’s a great idea.

    • After a year you will get a e-mail with the request to renew your updates & support license. We hope we can maintain and support the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin for the next 3-5 years. The WordPress world is constantly changing and therefor it is difficult to give guarantees for 3-5 years.

  35. Would it be possible to sync stock between two items on a single site? Currently I have a site that has wholesale and retail products setup. The wholesale products have dynamic pricing, calculated shipping, and are grouped by product line, and the retail products have static pricing, free shipping, and are grouped by product flavor. These are technically the same product, they just behave so differently that I had to make them separate. Is there a way your plugin could sync both wholesale and retail variations to share the same stock, or should I setup a different wholesale sub domain?

  36. Gilbert Dawed



    In case others have this issue as I could not find anything on your website on this.

    I purchased your plugin in June 2016 (v.2.0.3). Everything went well when the domains where not SSL. As soon as I added https the plugin generated a cURL error that I resolved by adding in the functions.php of my WP theme

    add_filter(‘https_ssl_verify’, ‘__return_false’);

    Yesterday I enabled HTTP/2 and strict SSL. The plugin generated an Error Connection that I resolved by finding an old post in the WP Forum (Plugins and Hacks). I removed the above code and installed your plugin:

    Everything is working fine now but still puzzling.

    Footnote. While doing this I discovered that the plugin is now at version v2.1.0. Which I downloaded (any change of automatic upgrades or a least notifications in the future)? Though the plugin is showing the correct version on the WP plugins page … it is still showing v2.0.3 on the admin page

    Best regards
    Gilbert Dawed

    • Gilbert Dawed



      I eat my hat (should have checked earlier). Just noted that the HTTP domain cannot connect to the other two which are HTTPS. I am getting this error… SSL connect error.

      Stock from our end is never updated or pushed from this site… However stock will not be updated on the other two sites when sales happen on this one. Any ideas/solution?

      Gilbert Dawed

  37. Gilbert Dawed


    And I eat another hat. Resolved by installing the same plugin /// HTTP cURL transport last ///

    Any permanent solutions without having to install the plugin?

    Gilbert Dawed

    • Glad you were able to resolve the issue. It sounds like an cURL issue on your server. You could include the filter from in the `functions.php` file of your theme, so you won’t need an additional plugin for that. As this is an issue related to your hosting environment(s), I don’t think we can do much to include a ‘permanent fix’ in the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin unfortunately.

      The incorrect version number shown at the page WooCommerce » Stock Synchronization » Tab ‘Sites’ is a bug in our plugin which we will fix in a future update. If the Plugins page says 2.1.0, you’re using the latest version.

  38. Hi

    before purchase the plugin, i woud like to confirm the following:
    1. does it compatible with latest woocommerce 4.6 and latest wordpress?
    2. will it be automatically synced with the other site when order set to processing status?
    3. any issue if we are using mobile app (referring to android/iOS app that is integrate with woocommerce)
    4. would you able to provide a demo site ?

    I would like to understand if it meets my requirement.

    thank you

    • 1. does it compatible with latest woocommerce 4.6 and latest wordpress?

      Yes, there are currently no known issues.

      2. will it be automatically synced with the other site when order set to processing status?

      Once WooCommerce adjusts the stock of products the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization will synchronize the new stock values to the configured sites automatically.

      3. any issue if we are using mobile app (referring to android/iOS app that is integrate with woocommerce)

      As far as we know there are not issues with mobile apps.

      4. would you able to provide a demo site ?

      We currently don’t have a demo site.

    • Although the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin is not specifically tested with the Cache Enabler plugin, caching plugins generally shouldn’t cause any synchronization issues. Please let us know if you do experience issues, so we can research the issue.

  39. Does this plugin work with shopify and woocommerce? My site is woocommerce but the other site we need to sync with is shopify. Do you have a shopify version?

    • Reüel (Pronamic)

      The name of this plugin WooCommerce Stock Synchronization. We don’t have a Shopify version.

  40. Firstly – I’m trying this plugin out, and so far it’s been excellent.

    What I feel would be AWESOME is a similar plugin but for Orders (and I suppose, Customers). We run many satellite, single product sites as well as our main retail site, which contains all the products. We sync all stock adjustments due to sales on any of the sites, back to the “main” retail site.

    I’d love to be able to do the same with the actual Orders, such that Inventory, CRM, Accounting integrations would only need to know about/talk to our main site to learn about all stock/orders.

    Is such a plugin in the pipeline?

    • Unfortunately not. We’ve had a look at synchronizing orders and customers before, but decided we don’t want to go there, sorry!

  41. Hi
    This looks like just the solution I need.

    Does it only work when Woocommerce down dates the stock on one website.

    What if I manually reduce the stock on one site will it still sync?

    Also I use WP-Lister which lists items on ebay. That plugin down dates the stock on one site. Will that then sync to the others?

    Thank you

    • The plugin works by hooking to the action that is performed when the stock quantities changes on a site. Therefore it will sync the stock quantity whenever the stock is manually changed or when an order is made. It will then sync the stock quantity to all the URL’s that you’ve entered in the plugin settings.

      As for WP Lister, I don’t have any experience with that plugin, but if it uses the correct way to update stock quantities in WooCommerce, the stock should also be synced to the other sites.

  42. Hello. I have a problem with the plugin. In the “Stock”, this plugin reads only some of the products, not all. I have more 480 products to synch. All the products have the “COD”-“SKU” in the field. Its’ very urgent! Thanks!

    • Reüel (Pronamic)

      Only 100 products are shown on the tab `Stock`, but all products are used for synchronisation (both via ‘Push Stock’ button, manual stock changes or when a product is sold). This is not a bug, but normal behaviour. In a future version we’ll add a notice to clearify this.

  43. Hi
    Bought the plugin today.
    I can activate it on my site that uses http:// but the other site is https:// and nothing happens after clicking Activate on the plugin page.
    Any ideas?

    • Just a quick note: the file permissions are the same for both sites. I checked all folders/sub folders and files.

    • I’d suggest uploading the plugin again via FTP, to make sure all files are uploaded correctly. If that doesn’t solve the issues, please check the server error log for any relevant PHP (fatal) errors during plugin activation. I’ve just sent a reply to your support ticket about the same issue, let’s take it further from there.

  44. SOLVED
    Thanks to the support team. Uploading the plugin via FTP and not installing from the plugin page fixed the issue.
    Many thanks

  45. First of all, i read all the comments above, and i have to say, great support!

    I have a presale question. We have multiple website with thousands (+50.000) of products. Although a similar question is asked before, do you think your plugin will be capable of sync this number of products?

    Probably your answer will be, “just try it out”… but still i wanted to ask you 🙂 Implementing your plugin is not something we do, just to try it out.

    Thanks in advance!

    • The initial stock synchronization (through the ‘Push Stock’ button) is not yet capable of syncing 50.000+ products. We’ve already made improvements so that it can handle an unlimited number of products. I’ll post a comment once that update has been released (probably next week). Once the initial sync has finished, the number of products doesn’t matter much, as the sync is executed only for the specific product for which the stock quantity has changed.

    • Martin, version 2.2.0 has been released, which includes the improvements for the initial ‘Push Stock’ sync.

  46. Hi,
    This is pre-purchase question.
    I have four website and i want to sync those website with central stock. Is it possible to maintain 4 website’s stock and order automatic? Please let me know how.

    • Our plugin only syncs stock quantity, not the products, prices or orders. As soon as the stock quantity changes, the new stock quantity will be updated on the other 4 sites (you can add the URL’s of as many sites as you need).

  47. Hi, I am assuming that the answer might be no but to be sure — could this plugin also sync the stock status (in stock/out of stock/pre-order) and pre-ordering settings? Or only the numerical value of the stock amount? Thanks.

    • In/our stock are updated by WooCommerce based on your settings (WooCommerce » Settings » Tab ‘Products’ » Inventory). Pre ordering settings are not synced, only the numerical stock quantity is pushed to connected shops.

  48. Hi,

    how about reducing any stock qty in admin dashboard manually on site A, can the stock also be updated on site B and site C?
    Also, if i have three sites, do i need to purchase 3 plugins for each site?


    • Hi,

      1 more question, this question has been asked by an user on 2015.
      If i request for changing the setting on the plugin as following:

      order set to processing, qty will be deducted .

    • As our plugin hooks into standard WooCommerce behaviour anytime the stock changes, the stock will also sync to other shops if the stock quantity is manually changed by editing the product details. You only need to purchase the plugin once, but we do appreciate it if you purchase the plugin for each site separately.

  49. Hi, I’m trying to test out your plugin before purchasing, so I’m using the latest version on the repo, and have set up 2 test domains on a shared hosting server running on Litespeed.

    I’ve set it up correctly I believe, yet when I attempt to push stock either manually or automatically, the attempt fails due to a 403 error.

    I’m not sure why I’m getting a forbidden notice, as I can access the site via

    Perhaps you know some more about this than I do?

    • Hi Mark, the error 403 is not a known issue. If you visit the URL in the browser, it generates a “GET” request, the plugin uses an “POST” request. That’s at least one difference between the plugin and trying in the browser. If you’re running a security plugin, it possibly blocks the POST request> I’d also suggest checking the server logs, there might be an explanation as for why the request was “Forbidden”.

  50. Harvey Collective


    I have 2 stores that are linked and all is working correctly. I love the simplicity and focus this plugin provides. I Have one question in regards to the stock syncing. At the moment I am the admin for both sites, but I would like to look at bringing other sites on board with a few products synced. My question is this. Is there a way to moderate the access another web admin (on another site) has to the stock levels?

    I want to share product and receive updates to stock through sales, but would like to prevent another admin from changing stock manually, and having that change effect my stock levels. Is there a way to prevent this?

    Thank you.

  51. Can I simply sync multiple products within the same store ? Including variations ? I’d like to take 10 different t-shirts with 5 identical size variations each (S-2XL), and I’d like to always keep their stock synced. Is this possible ? And then when I add new inventory/update stock, is there a primary product that I need to update so that they all get updated with the new stock ? Look forward to purchasing if so, thank you !!

    • If you’re using product variations, you’d need to assign a unique SKU to each individual variation. Whenever the stock changes – whether through a sale or by manually editing the product variation stock quantity – it will automatically get synced to the variations with the exact same SKU on the sites that you’ve added in the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin settings (see screenshot in the Getting Started guide »

  52. Dustin Grice

    So the answer to my question “Can I simply sync multiple products within the same store ?” is a no, correct ? This is only for syncing SKUs between different stores it sounds like… Thanks again for your time

  53. HI

    I would like to understand the following item in the cart when i tried to place order.
    can you please explain two the below two items?

    Pronamic iDEAL – Single Site
    WooCommerce Stock Synchronization – 1-5 sites

    • The stock can be synchronized from/to all the WooCommerce webshops you specify in the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization settings.

  54. Arvin Rapanut


    I have the plugin installed in both of my sites. They have the url of each other, and the passwords are the same. I’m trying to push the stock of Site #1 to Site #2. When I do this, the logs in Site #1 says “Succeeded – Synchronization to: (response code: 200)” and the logs in Site #2 says “Received synchronization request from” however the stock levels do not change at all. What’s wrong?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Thanks for your message, i see you also contacted us through the support contact form. We will reply on your support ticket and when we found/solved the issue we will update this reply.

    • Arvin Rapanut

      It has been a week since I received an update. This is the worst support I’ve gotten for a plugin. No communication whatsoever.

    • Sorry to hear you haven’t heard back from us, Arvin. I’ve just sent you an update and expect that it will fix your issue.

  55. Hello,
    I want to purchase for this plugin. But why the country for billing address has no my country, Thailand?

    Thank you

  56. Hello,

    does this plugin support variable products?

    how it works? in realtime synchronization between two shops?

    • Yes it supports variable products, as mentioned in the description: make sure that each variation has its own SKU.

      The plugin hooks into WooCommerce actions, which triggers the sync as soon as the stock quantity of a product changes. The stock quantity will be pushed to the URLs which you can add in the plugin settings.

  57. Hi, will the plugin trigger a stock synchronisation across the network when a product is updated via the woo rest api?

    • The plugin hooks into standard WooCommerce actions which are performed when stock quantities are updated, so you might expect these actions are also triggered by updating a product via the WooCommerce REST API.

  58. Hi,

    Two questions:

    1. What is he maximum number of sites of which the stock can be synced?
    2. What is the maximum number of products of which the stock will be automatically (not manual!) synced?

    Kind regards,

    • 1. There is no fixed limit to the number of sites that the plugin can sync to. The limit will be determined by the hosting environment (max script execution time etc.)
      2. Stock quantity for all products will be automatically synced; unlimited.

  59. Hi,
    Are they any incomparibilities with other plug-in or the multisite WordPress ? I ask you this question becaus we tried to use the multistore plug-in in the same purpose of your plugin, but it wasn’t working with our WOocommerce multiple step check out plug in.

    Have a nice day

    • There are no known incompatibilities with other plugins or WordPress network/multisite installations.

  60. Quick question about the stock syncing.

    Would it be possible to still sync between multiple Woo sites with one SKU that is live (e.g. Published) on one site while another site sharing the same SKU is either in “Pending Review” or “Draft” status?

    Reason for this is there’s a possibility that select sites (e.g. select regions) I want to deactivate some SKUs that won’t be sold for a targeted region while it can be sold in another region due to shipping or territory restrictions.

    Looking forward to working with this plugin!

    • Can the stock quantities of the “Published” simple and variable products be updated/synced if the “Visibility” is set to “Private” and/or “Catalog Visibility” is set to “Hidden”?

      Looking forward to implementing your plugin very soon. =o)

  61. Attila Balogh


    I have an install of this plugin for two domains.
    Everything is fine, but sometimes the stocks are not managing well.
    When I buy 10 quantity just decreasing for example 3.
    If I deactivate the plugin every order are good.
    What do you think?


    • Attila, our plugin receives the new stock quantity from WooCommerce after the stock has already been decreased and the plugin then sends the same new stock quantity to the other connected shops. I don’t see how our plugin could interfere with the new stock quantity that WooCommerce assigns to a product after purchase.

  62. Attila Balogh


    my problem is the following but unfortunetly not every time, so this isn’t a regular or usually problem.
    Example: If i am order 4 products. Sometimes the stock level not following my order.
    So I see in the orders the 4 pieces but in the product admin I see just for example 2 minus compared the original stock level.
    Do you understandme? 🙂

    • Attila, I don’t think this issue is caused by our plugin as stock quantities are updated after payment. Our stock sync happens *after* the stock is updated already.

    • Attila Balogh

      I just think that because if your plugin is deactivated this will not happening again any time. Sorry, I am not a troll, just seeking the solution.

  63. Hello, will this work with stand alone Woocommerce installs or do we require Multisite?

  64. Hi. I bought this plugin earlier as I hoped/hope that it would the reliable plugin I need to sync stock across several sites.

    I’m sure it works manually but I have one main internal site that receives stock updates from WP All Import every hour or so. It updates stock levels etc from a CSV file.

    I was hoping that when the stock values changed on that site they would be synchronised to the other sites but that doesn’t seem to happen. They are connected with a tick on the websites but the stock didn’t change.

    Is there a way to push updates or to notice when stock is updated by Wp all import?

  65. Hello,

    is the plugin working with WPML? Is it going to successfully sync stocks of one site with WPML (2 languages) and one without. SKUs are the same.


    • There’s been a known WPML issue in the past which has been resolved, so it should work as you described.

  66. Frank Kuijpers


    Woocommerce 3.3.x is out…. is “stock-synchronization” compatible with this new release?

  67. Hi,
    This plugin working both sides? If sold item on child shop system reducing on parent shop and parent shop reducing on other child shops connected?

  68. Hello!
    We have bought and use WooCommerce Stock Synchronization on our sites.
    We have 2 different installations for English and Greek language.
    The quick edit stock synchronization between 2 simple products works fine if the stock is everything but 0 (out of stock).
    If the stock is 0 then the synchronization via quick edit method doesn’t work.
    We use the latest version of WordPress (4.9.4) and WooCommerce 3.3.3.
    Is there any way to solve this?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Reüel (Pronamic)

      This issue from Thanasis has been resolved through a support ticket and will also be fixed with future plugin updates.

  69. Dietmar Hohn

    How is the plugin working without using the API?
    How is the plugin getting access to the quantaty of the product?

    Very interested but this security thing is important aswell.

    • Reüel (Pronamic)

      The plugin runs from within your own WordPress installation and receives changes in the stock quantity of a product directly from WooCommerce. The new stock quantity for the SKU will be instantly pushed to connected sites (add/delete sites in the plugin settings). On the connected sites, only synchronization requests with the correct common user defined password (in plugin settings too) are processed, to update stock quantities for products with the same SKU.

  70. Prajwol Raj Onta

    Hi I integrated the plugin, but the stock tab only shows 100 products when i have 347 products published? Why am I not seeing all the products??

    • The stock tab is meant for testing purposes mostly. For increased performance of the Stock tab en to prevent loading issues, the list is limited to 100 products.

  71. Prajwol Raj Onta

    Also do i have to check manage stock at product level compulsorily?

  72. Hello

    Im just looking to synchronize stock for different product variations in one site / one domain. Is this plugin the right answer or there is some other simpler ones out there?

    • Reüel van der Steege

      The WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin needs multiple sites to work with. You won’t be able to sync the stock of a product variation with the stock quantity of a different product variation in the same site (because the SKU is used to sync to corresponding products, but WooCommerce doesn’t allow you to have different product variations with the same SKU in one shop).

  73. Daniel Soeiro


    I have site A with 4000 SKU’s and site B with 300 SKU’s from site A, how can I make sure they are synchronized without having to see one by one? Is there any report?

    • We have a very simple log system in place which can help in case of errors. A large number of products/SKU’s should not be a problem. Synchronize requests are normally only triggered when a product is ordered or changed.

  74. Hi, this is a presale question. Let’s imagine that I have 3 stores A, B and C and all of them have their own products and stock quantities. I need to consolidate all the products and show them in other store, which is going to be the main store, and for the products in common (with same SKU), I need to show the sum of the stock in the main store. Can your plugin help me with that? If not, do you have any idea how to find a solution? Thank you very much!!!

    • You can connect all the sites with each other to make sure that the stock of products with the same SKU are synchronized to all stores. Our plugin can’t retrieve the stock from each store and show a sum of the stock.

  75. Hi, I have an online retail store, and I’m partnered with my supplier. Both of our websites run on wordpress and woocommerce, so we’ve both installed the plugin. I have all of my sku’s set to the exact same as theirs, both with simple and variable products. How do I make it so that only our stock get’s updated by their stocknumbers, and not that we update their stock as well? As in that they are the mastersite, and we’re the slavesite. I’ve tried including their website url, not including, with password, without but nothing seems to happen to my stock. It keeps giving them a 200 error in their log, with no explanation of what went wrong.

    • Pronamic (Reüel)

      Both sites need to use the exact same password. On your site, you don’t add any URLs in the plugin settings. The supplier only adds your URL. This way, stock quantities from the supplier are pushed to your store and you won’t overwrite theirs.

  76. Hi I’m trying out your plugin, I run into the cUrl problem. I tried everything I read here. My site is hosted on Siteground, I installed the plugin on both sites. I entered the opposite URLs on each (both https) I entered the same password on both sites. Then I get the cURL error 35: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure error. on the websites tab.

    I tried both to add just the filter section from and when that did not work the entire code from that page (in the functions.php on both sites. Still no luck. Then I removed the code from the functions.php and installed the plugin instead: still no luck. The error is persisting.

    I’m not a pro in coding and I am surprised such a great souding plugin is so difficult to use for a novice, Siteground is one of the largest hosting companies with a good reputation, so if it’s server based I don’t really get why. In short I am confused why it’s so difficult to connect these two stores and what to do now. It’s still not working. I also don’t know where to go for help you guys or Siteground.

    • Pronamic (Reüel)

      This sounds like an SSL issue and I’d advise to contact SiteGround first.

  77. Hi,
    one presale question about your plugin.
    The products/variations with the same SKU getting synchronized, thats clear. What about the other products, if shop A has all products with SKUs und shop B just some?


    • And one more…

      The renewal costs are also 99€ after 1 year, or is there a little reduction?!

    • Only products with the same SKU’s in both shops will be synced. For example: a product that is in shop A, but not in shop B, will not be synced.

      Unfortunately we can’t give you any discount.

  78. We have 4 sites selling the some of the same products however some sites are selling other unrelated products. Can we use the master site to sync with the other stores if they dont sell the full range of products? or do all sites have to have the same range?
    Also if the plugin only based on SKU so if the products have been added at different times and have different ID numbers will it still work?
    One more thing does the stock levels automatically update regardless of where the sale comes from e.g. site A sells 1 item and site c sells a different one but they all sync ?

    • No, it’s not required to use the same range of products for each store. Only products that are present on all sites and having the same SKU, will be synced.

      It doesn’t matter that products from the other store are added at a different time or that they have a different ID. The products are only synced based on SKU.

      The URLs that you add, are the sites which will be synchronized to. So, if for example you only want to sync store A to store B, but not store B to store A, you’ll only add the URL of site B in the settings at store A.

  79. Hi, I’d like to sync 3 products together. Two of them are on the same website, one is on another website with a separate wordpress installation. They should all have the same stock amount. Can your plugin do this?

    • By default, WooCommerce does not allow having multiple products with the same SKU (as it is actually the same product you’re selling). So, updating the stock of “the other” product on the same site is not an option. The sync to the separate WordPress installation is no issue of course, as that is the whole purpose of this plugin 🙂

  80. Hey, great Plugin so far, thanks! 🙂

    I was wondering, why in shop A the stock ist just “3” and in Shop B it´s “3.000000”. Any idea to fix this without decimal place?


    • It’s just a display issue in the stock table, the actual stock quantities are equal. It does not affect normal operation of the plugin, but will probably get fixed in a future plugin update.

  81. Can the stock quantities of the “Published” simple and variable products be updated/synced if the “Visibility” is set to “Private” and/or “Catalog Visibility” is set to “Hidden”?

    Looking forward to implementing your plugin very soon. =o)

    • Both the “Catalog Visibility” setting and post status of the product (private, published, etc.) don’t matter for the sync. If a product is private and you change the stock quantity, the new stock quantity will be pushed to connected sites and vice versa.

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  83. Hi,

    We have 4 stores but only 2 warehouses. I am interested in doing the following. Setup stores A,B,C,D. Publish the same product on stores A,B,C,D. However, I only want to link inventories for stores A,B and link inventories of C,D. This mimics the 4 store, 2 warehouse system that we use. I know that your product can link inventories, but can it link them to two separate locations like this?



    • You specify the URLs to sync to in the plugin settings. So if store A only needs to sync to B and vice versa, you won’t enter the URLs of C and D in stores A and B.

  84. Hello,

    There is still a problem about pricing. Plugin insert 000000 numbers after the stock like 50.000000

    How can I fix it?

    • As mentioned in an earlier comment, this is just a display issue on the ‘Stock’ tab and does not affect plugin operations. The issue has been resolved in the mean time and the fix will be included in a future plugin update.

  85. Hello,
    I was wondering is your plugin can handle third part stock manager plugin like, Atum, advanced bulk edit or WooCommerce Stock Manager.
    these plugin are an absolute need when updating variations.

    thank you,

    • The plugin hooks into standard WooCommerce actions which are performed when stock quantities are updated. If your 3rd party plugins use the WooCommerce provided methods for updating stock quantities, syncing should work as expected.

  86. May I ask you to try Atum and WooCommerce Stock Manager. They are free plugins.

    Last question can you plugin handle 3000 product catalog?
    and how to start getting products syncing. is the process heavy to link product the first time?

    If all answers are positive I’m gonna go for your plugin for sure. I just want to be sure before buying.
    thank you,

    • I’ve tested with both ATUM Inventory Management and WooCommerce Stock Manager and the stock got updated on the connected store immediately!

      3000 products is no issue. If you want to perform an initial sync from a “master store” (which has the current stock quantities) there’s a “Push Stock” button that syncs the stock quantities in small batches to all connected sites. After that, during normal use, only individual stock changes are pushed, so all sites always contain the same stock quantities. As it’s NOT a delayed sync once in a while of the whole product catalog, you won’t experience issues related to large product catalogs.

  87. Hi,
    Interesting product, how about the new feature in WooCommerce where product data is stored in separate database tables? Is this change already on your development list?

    I checked also previous comments regarding variable products. Just to be sure, your plugin works for variable products if every variation has a unique SKU?

    • Custom database tables are not on our list. We develop quality WordPress plugins that are future proof, by using WooCommerce provided methods instead of writing ‘spaghetti code’ to update stock quantities. This results in custom database tables not affecting our plugin.

      Regarding variable products: each variation needs it’s own unique SKU indeed.

    • Didn’t miss the custom tables coming to WooCommerce. I can confirm (tested) that this does not affect normal operation — auto sync of the stock quantities — of our plugin.

      However, there are two minor issues with the tab “Stock” in our plugin (which lists a limited list of 100 products). The list does not show any products and the “Push Stock” button (used for an initial sync of stock quantities from a “master” shop to all other connected shops) can not be used. We’ll make sure to fix these issues in a plugin update.

  88. Hi,

    Just wondering does WooCommerce stock synchronization would work with WordPress 5.0.2?


  89. Hello! I’ve got an issue with the plugin. Even tho that the SKU’s are the same, after push or sale or manual change, some products won’t change their stock on the other webpage.

    What could be an issue here?

    • Reüel (Pronamic)

      You’re mentioning that it concerns only some products that aren’t updated. That means that the plugin is otherwise set up and working correctly. Based on that, I’m guessing that you’re using variable products for the products that are not updated: make sure each individual variation has it’s own unique SKU.

      If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please contact support.