Pronamic iDEAL v2.5.0 – MultiSafepay and more

Remco 23 January 2014

We just launched Pronamic iDEAL version 2.5.0, it’s a big update with support for the MultiSafepay gateway. MultiSafepay is a Dutch company who offers online payment services for more then 14 years.

Pronamic Pay MultiSafepay Config

By supporting the MultiSafepay gateway in the Pronamic iDEAL plugin the MultiSafe gateway is now available for the following WordPress extensions:

Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On

In version 2.5 we also improved support for the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On plugin. It’s now possible to delay user registration until the payment was succesfull.

Pronamic Pay feed delay user registration

OmniKassa requests with Yoast SSL-force script

We also found an conflict with OmniKassa payment status requests and the Yoast SSL-force script. In the Dutch blog “Pronamic iDEAL – OmniKassa conflict met Yoast SSL tip” you can find more details on this issue.

Enjoy the update!

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