Pronamic Pay 5.8: Rebranding + Health Status

Jelke 8 October 2019
Pronamic Pay 5.8

With the newest 5.8 version of Pronamic Pay we’re introducing a totally new brand identity. Just as our Pronamic logo we’re using the letter ‘P’, from Pay, as a recognition point. Our new colors yellow and blue are supporting the sector. Yellow stands for prosperity and gold. Blue stands for safety and our Dutch roots.

With this new identity we are trying to create a uniform and recognizable brand for the future. Our new brand logo and identity is visible when you visit our WordPress plugin page. Also, after updating to version 5.8, a new WordPress admin icon is shown.

New Pronamic Pay 5.8 dashboard icon.
New Pronamic Pay 5.8 dasboard icon.

WordPress Health Status

Our Pronamic Pay plugin used to have a system status page. This page displayed technical information regarding the specific WordPress installation. If there where any problems in using our plugin, this page could be informed. WordPress version 5.2 introduced the WordPress Health Status page. A page with a very similar function. We’ve bundled and migrated our system status information to this new WordPress HealthStatus Page. All information regarding the system can now be found in one place.

For future use we are planning to enhance this data. We want to inform our users better regarding supported extensions. If there are any plugin versions we’re not supporting an error message could be shown.

Other enhancements

Rabobank- OmniKassa 2.0

We’ve enhanced the ‘Order ID’ reference that our plugin communicates and gives back to OmniKassa 2.0. The length of the payment reference is increased from 10 to 24 characters. Our plugin monitor reads the given ‘Order ID’ and checks if it answers the OmniKassa 2.0 demands. The reference field may only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9). Other characters, for example ‘.’, ‘@’, ‘_’, are not allowed.

Gravity Forms

Support for the Gravity Forms plugin within a WordPress multisite is enhanced. Our Gravity Forms extension is not loaded if Gravity Forms is not activated in one of the network sites. We’ve also updated the Gravity Forms internationalisation. The text strings in our extension are now better translatable, even if your WordPress site uses a Right-to-Left text direction.

Restrict Content Pro

The team of Sandhills Development, the developers behind Restrict Content Pro are very active. Version 3.0 of their plugin is released in february 2019. With this 3.0 release we needed to update our support for the plugin. Sadly some new features in Restrict Content Pro 3.0 weren’t backwards compatible. Therefor we needed to rewrite some elements of our extension. The biggest improvement within Restrict Content Pro 3.0 regards the membership renewal process. After a recurring payment is created a membership is instantly extended. Previously this would only happen after a payment was successful, this process could take up to 5 days. Now if a payment fails or expires the membership will temporarily stop and will get the ‘pending’ status.

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