Pronamic Pay 5.9 + Adyen add-on update

Leo 5 February 2020
Pronamic Pay 5.9 & Adyen add-on update

This week we’ve released Pronamic Pay 5.9. In this update you’ll see a big update to the support for Adyen (add-on). We now support their newest Drop-in implementation. Furthermore, support for outdated plugins has been removed.

Adyen Drop-in implementation

In april 2019 we released Pronamic Pay 5.6 with support for add-ons. With this release we added support for Adyen via the Web SDK and the Adyen API. However, Adyen doesn’t add new features to the Web SDK anymore and instead recommends to use the new Drop-in implementation. They describe this Drop-in as “Drop-in is our all-in-one UI solution that you can use to accept payments on your website using a single front-end implementation”. Pronamic now brings this method to WordPress with the newest release of Pronamic Pay and the Adyen add-on.

With this implementation, all payment methods that use the ‘redirect’ payment flow can be used on a WordPress website. With this it’s more easy to add international payment methods to WordPress.

Do you already use the Adyen add-on and want to update to the Drop-in implementation? Update your gateway configuration in WordPress by setting an ‘Origin key’. In our manual for Adyen we describe the steps to get your domain specific origin key.

Google Analytics e-commerce filters

With Pronamic Pay it is possible to use e-commerce tracking for Google Analytics. You can activate this option by adding your Google Analytics Tracking-ID on the settings page of our plugin.

In this update we add two filters which can be used to hook in to. This allows developers to change the product name and category which are sent to Google Analytics for a payment.

Support for outdated plugins removed

The power of our plugin is that we support a lot of payment providers and WordPress plugins and connect them to each other. In version 5.9 we’ve removed support for 10 outdated WordPress extensions. This concerns the following integrations:

  • Jigoshop
  • iThemes Exchange
  • Membership 2
  • Membership Premium
  • Shopp
  • Crowdfunding by Astoundify
  • ClassiPress
  • JobRoller
  • Vantage
  • Campaignify

If you use one of these WordPress extensions, we advise to consider switching to an other supported extension.

Update to Pronamic Pay 5.9

Do you want to use the latest Adyen implementation and the newest and safest version of our plugin? Please buy a Pro license for Pronamic Pay or update to version 5.9 through the Plugins page in your WordPress admin.

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