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Leo 25 March 2020
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On Thursday March 19th we released Pronamic Pay 6.0. In this update we primarily focused ons improving our Mollie payment options. We’ve also added some new features, some general improvements and a couple of bug fixes. Read all about it in this blog.

Improvements for Mollie

Display failed payments

The reason of the failed payments is now shown for credit card and SEPA Direct Debit payments. These are now available within your WordPress Dashboard.

New Mollie Customers

For logged-in users and recurring payments we now use the Mollie ‘Customers’ functionality. Mollie Customers are related to WordPress users. This will give some of tour existing users an option to pay with a previous used payment method via the Mollie Checkout.

For recurring payments Mollie creates and saves mandates for every customer. In our Pronamic Pay 6.0 update we’ve improved this proces. All related information is shown within your WordPress Dashboard.

SEPA Direct Debit via Mollie

We now support the option to pay via SEPA Direct Debit via Mollie. A payment can be initiated by giving a name and IBAN-bankaccount. When using this payment method the given amount will be debited from the selected bank account. This payment method is not common for webshops, but can be very useful for charities. It also may come in handy for a physical store owner with customers, you can initiate a payment request by entering their bank account details.

Support for Apple Pay & Google Pay via Adyen

In the previous update 5.9 we introduced the Drop-in implementation for Adyen. We now added support for the Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options! This makes receiving payments even easier.

To add these payment methods you need to alter some settings within your existing Adyen configuration. Want to know how, please read our manuals:

Other plugin updates

Easy digital Downloads

  • When a customer cancels a payment the status of the Easy Digital Downloads payment/order will now get te status ‘Cancelled’. Previously the status of the payment/order would remain ‘Pending’.

Gravity Forms

  • To use the SEPA Direct Debit payment method via Mollie, some additional account information is needed. Via the field-settings of a Gravity Forms paymentfeed you will have to set a bankaccount name and IBAN.
  • Compatibility with Gravity Forms Entries in Excel plugin.
  • We’ve added a payment rule for shipping costs when the Shipping-field is used. This also applies for Google Analytics e-commerce tracking.
  • Dynamically selected option in the Payment method-field is now selected correctly.

Ninja Forms

  • The payment method used by your client is now displayed when viewing the entries.


  • We’ve added new SVG-icons for most of the payment methods. Icons already set remain in place and are not automatically updated. In the description of the configuration-field we show the URL of the new icon. You simply can copy/paste this url to use the new SVG-icon.

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