Pronamic Pay 6.1 – Gravity Forms update

Leo 16 April 2020

The latest version of Pronamic Pay brings again a couple of improvements. Especially for Gravity Forms we added multiple improvements in Pronamic Pay 6.1. Besides that we added changes for various extensions and payment providers.

Updates for Gravity Forms

To start a payment the payment provider (PSP) needs some information. For example the PSP needs to know the payment amount. For certain payment methodes a PSP needs extra information. To pay afterwards a PSP needs name and address details. Within Gravity Forms (aff.) administrators can add fields for this information. The Pronamic Pay plugin didn’t always know which fields are used for this information. In this release we added an option with which the Pronamic Pay plugin itself tries to find the data based on the different field types.

Besides that we added the merge tag {pronamic_pay_again_url}. With this a field can be preformatted based on a earlier entry (for example from a entry with failed payment).

From Pronamic Pay 6.1 on all fields from Gravity Forms can be used to set conditions for a payment. Also text fields and address fields.

Also a solution is added for calculating variables and we improved the list view of forms.

Apple Pay via Mollie

Apple Pay

In the previous release (version 6.0) of Pronamic Pay we mostly improved the integration for Mollie. In this release we improved it even more with support for Apple Pay.

Other improvements

  • Rabobank Omnikassa 2.0: Improved handling of the webhook when there are multiple payments with the same ‘Merchant order ID’;
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Improved support for tax in EDD 3.0;
  • MemberPress: Solution for ‘PHP Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback’;
  • Ninja Forms: Added support for action settings for payment status pages. Solution for payment redirects for some gateways;
  • Restrict Content Pro: Improved upgrade script and CLI commands.

Update to Pronamic 6.1

Pronamic Pay 6.1 comes with multiple improvements for Gravity Forms and support for Apple Pay via Mollie. Update the plugin within your WordPress website to make use of these improvements.

From € 49,00 yearly (excl. tax)

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