Pronamic Pay 8.3: MemberPress update

Leo 19 May 2022
Pronamic Pay 8.3 - MemberPress

Recently we released Pronamic Pay version 8.3. This release is largely focused on MemberPress. A feature that has been requested a lot is the ability to adjust subscription prices. We have added that in this version.

Adjust subscription prices

MemberPress is a popular plugin for WordPress to create a membership website. For example, you can give access to paid content or offer online courses.

From several MemberPress users we noticed they occasionally change the subscription prices on their website. For example, an annual membership comes at a slightly higher price. The adjustment of the subscription itself can easily be arranged in MemberPress itself. However, for existing subscribers, the new amount must be set manually.

From version 8.3, the amount of the subscription in Pronamic Pay is automatically updated when the price is changed in a user’s MemberPress subscription. A significant improvement for website owners, which ensures that price changes are automatically processed. Unlike MemberPress provided add-ons for PayPal and Stripe, which still require manually updating subscriptions at the gateway for the new amount to be collected.

Note: In some situations you do want users to agree to the new prices again. For example, if you make an unannounced or major price change, subscribers cannot accept that. Which can result in an expensive chargeback. In our view, it is therefore wise to inform your subscribers in advance if you change your prices.

Subscription and Payment Statuses

A second improvement in support with MemberPress is the addition of the subscription status and the date of the next payment when editing a subscription in MemberPress. Also when viewing/editing a transaction in MemberPress, the status of the payment is now listed.

Use the latest version

Do you use MemberPress, please update to the latest version of Pronamic Pay. The most stable version and with best integration for MemberPress. In addition to these updates, a number of minor improvements have been made in general. To make sure you can use all the latest features, you need to update the Pronamic Pay plugin on your website.

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