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Accepting payments with Payvision in WordPress via Pronamic Pay

In this manual we’ll explain how to setup Payvision on WordPress websites with the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Note: It is important you already have a contract/account with Payvision before you start with your configuration.

Connect Payvision with Pronamic Pay

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Step-by-step manual for connecting Payvision with the Pronamic Pay plugin.

  1. Install the Pronamic Pay plugin

    Install the Pronamic Pay plugin by following the ‘Getting started with Pronamic Pay‘ manual.

  2. Create a Payvision configuration

    Navigate to Pay » Configurations and create a new configuration. Give your configuration a title, for example “Payvision – [Business ID]”.

  3. Select the Payvision payment provider

    Select ‘Payvision’ from the ‘Payment provider’ dropdown list and select ‘Test’ as Modus.

  4. Fill in the Payvision credentials

    To connect with a Payvision account, fill in the following credentials as found on the page ‘Integration’ in the Payvision dashboard:
    – Business ID
    – User
    – Password
    – Store ID

  5. Save the configuration

    After filling in the credentials you can save the configuration.

  6. Test the configuration

    You can test the configuration by doing a test payment from the ‘Test’ section in the configuration. Fill in an amount and click ‘Test’. You will be redirected to a simulation environment from Payvision to complete the test payment.

Certification before going live

Before being able to accept payments in the production environment, the integration needs to be certified by Payvision. For the iDEAL payment method, this requires test payments with different amounts and statuses. The status of a payment can be manually selected in the simulator for test payments. The following payments need to be made with the ING bank selected:

  1. € 10 with status ‘Success’
  2. € 20 with status ‘Failure’
  3. € 30 with status ‘Expired’
  4. € 40 with status ‘Cancelled’

The first payment needs to be refunded. This is currently not supported through Pronamic Pay, but can be done in the Payvision dashboard. After all tests have been completed, certification can be requested through the Certification page in the Payvision dashboard. After certification has been completed, Payvision will provide login credentials to the live portal and the correct settings (business ID, user and password) for a live configuration. To create a configuration for the live mode, follow the steps above and select ‘Live’ as mode.

Connect Payvision to WordPress e-commerce solutions

Congratulations, the configuration has been setup successfully! You can now connect the Payvision configuration with supported e-commerce plugins. Please check the ‘Getting started with Pronamic Pay‘ manual for the available WordPress e-commerce plugins.

Last modified: 16 December 2020.