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Ase – Getting started


The Ase theme has an integrated slideshow. You can add slides under Slides in the admin menu. You can activate this slideshow for the frontpage by going to Appearance > Theme options > Slideshow and check the “Show slideshow on frontpage” option.


You can connect sections to extend your page designs. We use the Posts 2 Posts plugin to connect sections to pages. Just activate the Posts 2 Posts plugin and you’re up and running. You get an extra metabox to connect sections to pages. There are a few steps you must follow.

  1. Add a new section under Sections in the admin menu.
  2. Select a template. You can select “Default” if you don’t want additional styling.
  3. Go the the page where you want to connect the section.
  4. Connect the section trough the “Connected Sections” metabox and save the page.

P2P Connections


It’s easy to add buttons with the WYSIWYG editor. The Ase theme supports 3 different buttons which you can add trough the “Formats” dropdown. There are a few steps you must follow:

  1. Add a link with the default “Insert/edit link” icon.
  2. Select the link.
  3. Select Buttons > Button from the “Formats” list. This gives the button some default styling.
  4. Select Buttons > Button default to give the button some additional styling. You can choose from “Button default”, “Button primary” and “Button inversed”.
  5. You can add some extra styling by selected the other button classes like “Button small”, “Button large” or “Button blocked”.



The Ase theme uses some basic shortcodes. You can use:

  • panel to create a panel.
  • section to create a section.
  • posts to show the latests posts.
  • table to create a responsive table.
Last modified: 21 December 2015.