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Connect Pronamic Pay with Easy Digital Downloads

In this manual we describe how to connect Easy Digital Downloads with the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Note: We assume you already installed the Pronamic Pay plugin and connected it to a payment provider. If not, please follow the Getting started with Pronamic Pay manual.

Connect Easy Digital Downloads with Pronamic Pay

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A step-by-step manual to add a new payment method to Easy Digital Downloads with an existing payment configuration.

  1. Configure the payments methods

    Navigate to the Payment Gateways tab via Downloads »Settings. Select the payment methods you want to offer on your website, below Payment Gateways.

  2. Select a default payment method

    Below Standard Payment method you can select a standard payment method. This is the payment method that’s activated by default on the checkout page.

  3. Display icons of the payment methods

    Optionally you can show an icon for each payment method. This can be configured at the Accepted Payment Method Icons section.

  4. Additional information per payment method

    For each payment method it’s possible to adjust the label of the method and to enter a description. These settings can be found by clicking on one of the payment methods, at the top of the page.

  5. The payment methods are activated

    The payment methods are now activated for your website. Verify the checkout page and check if the payment methods are working.

Last modified: 20 March 2020.