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How to connect MemberPress with Pronamic Pay?

In this manual we describe how to connect MemberPress with the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Note: We assume you already installed the Pronamic Pay plugin and connected it to a payment provider. If not, please follow the Getting started with Pronamic Pay manual.

Connect Memberpress with Pronamic Pay

A step-by-step manual to add a new payment method to MemberPress with an existing payment configuration.

  1. Login to your WordPress website

    When you’re logged in, you’re in your ‘WordPress Dashboard’.

  2. Add payment method

    Go to MemberPress » Options » Payments and click on the ‘+‘-button to add a payment method.MemberPress Add payment option

  3. Name your payment method

    Enter a ‘name’ for your payment method. For example ‘iDEAL’. This can be used during the checkout process.MemberPress Payment method (name)

  4. Select your gateway

    Select your payment method in the ‘Gateway’ field.
    When you select a payment method from the Pronamic Pay plugin a new field ‘Configuration’ will be shown.MemberPress Payment method (gateway)

  5. Select your configuration

    Select your payment configuration you setup earlier (Payments » Configurations). MemberPress Payment method (configuration)

  6. Select checkout labels

    Select if you want to display the payment label/icon (from step 3).MemberPress Payment method (labels)

  7. Update options

    When you’re done, you can save your settings, by clicking on the ‘Update options’ button.

  8. Optional: Recurring payments

    The Pronamic Pay plugin offers for some payment providers and plugins support for recurring payments. This is also supported for MemberPress. Read the manual ‘MemberPress recurring payments‘ for more information about recurring payments.

MemberPress demo site

We’ve made a demo site running the MemberPress plugin and our Pronamic Pay plugin. This sites uses the payment provider Mollie. Take a look and investigate the MemberPress functionality.

Last modified: 3 June 2020.