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How to connect Mollie with WordPress via Pronamic Pay

Payment provider Mollie can be used with Pronamic Pay to receive payments via WordPress and your Mollie-account.

Note: It is important you already have a contract/account with Mollie before you start with your configuration. If you don’t have an account yet, please sign-up for one at Mollie.

Connect Mollie with Pronamic Pay

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Step-by-step manual of how to connect Mollie with the Pronamic Pay plugin.

  1. Install the Pronamic Pay plugin

    Install the Pronamic Pay plugin by following the ‘Getting started with Pronamic Pay‘ manual.
    After installing you are able to create a configuration for Mollie.

  2. Create your Mollie configuration

    Navigate to Pay » Configurations and create a new configuration. Give your configuration a title like “Mollie – [website profile number]”

  3. Select Mollie as your payment provider

    Select ‘Mollie’ from the ‘Payment provider’ dropdown list.
    By default the Test mode is selected. In order to fully test your configuration we recommend to first keep this test mode activated.

  4. Find your API-keys

    Your API-keys are available in your Mollie Dashboard. On the left-hand side of the Mollie Dashboard you click on the item ‘Website profiles’. For each website profile there are 2 API-keys available (a test and live API-key). If you don’t have a website profile yet, please create one.

  5. Add your Test API-key

    Copy your Test API-key from the website profile in your Mollie Dashboard. Go back to the configuration in the WordPress environment and paste it in the ‘API-key’ field.

  6. Publish your configuration

    Now you can publish and you test your new Mollie configuration.

  7. Test your configuration

    From the configuration page you can test the configuration via the meta box ‘Test’. Fill in a amount in the ‘Amount’ field and click ‘Test’. You will now be redirected to the payment-page of Mollie. When you see all activated payment methodes of your Mollie-account you configuration is successfully setup.

  8. Add your Live API-key

    To finalize your configuration replace the Test API-key with the Live API-key from the website profile (from step 4).

  9. Change mode to ‘Live’

    For the last step in the configuration you have to change the mode from ‘Test’ to ‘Live’.

  10. Save your Live configuration

    Click ‘Update’ in the ‘Publish’ meta box to save your configuration. Now you are ready to use Mollie with your WordPress website.

Congratulations, your configuration is successfully setup! You now can connect the configuration with a supported e-commerce plugin. Please check the ‘Getting started with Pronamic Pay‘ manual for the available WordPress e-commerce plugins.

Last modified: 16 February 2021.