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How to set up fundraising blocks

In this manual we describe how to use and configure the Fundraising add-on for the Pronamic Pay plugin. A Pro license for Pronamic Pay is required to be able to download and install the Fundraising add-on in your WordPress website.

Note: We assume you already installed the Pronamic Pay plugin and connected it to a payment provider. If not, please follow the Getting started with Pronamic Pay manual.

How to create a WordPress fundraiser

Time needed: 15 minutes.

A step-by-step description on how-to create a fundraiser campaign with the Pronamic Pay Fundraiser Gutenberg blocks.

  1. Create a new page

    First of all create a new page and give it a title and an introduction to your fundraiser.

  2. Add a payment form

    Insert a form to your newly created page. Make sure that this form is connected to a payment provider and is configured to collect payments. There are a couple of plugins who are able to create such a form. A list of those plugins are listed at te bottom of this page.

  3. Insert one of the three fundraiser blocks

    Add a fundraising progress bar, a circular progress bar or the fundraising textual status block to your content.

  4. Adjust the fundraiser block to your wishes

    Select the fundraiser block and enter a goal. Adjust the color of your progress bar. It’s also possible to adjust the text labels within the fundraising blocks. Already started collecting donations? You can also manually adjust the number of collected donations from within the block it settings.

  5. Publish your page

    Publish your fundraiser page and start collecting donations!

Supported plugins

Our fundraiser blocks are able to work with the following list of plugins.

  • Gravity Forms
  • Formidable Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Charitable
  • Give
Last modified: 13 July 2020.