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How to setup recurring payments for MemberPress

In this manual we describe how to use recurring payments with MemberPress via the Pronamic Pay plugin.

Note: We assume you already installed the Pronamic Pay plugin and connected it to a payment provider. If not, please follow the Getting started with Pronamic Pay manual.

Note: Recurring payments is only possible with the payment provider Mollie.


Starting a subscription is possible with the following payment methods:

  • Creditcard
  • SEPA Direct debit (mandate via Bancontact)
  • SEPA Direct debit (mandate via iDEAL)
  • SEPA Direct debit (mandate via Sofort)

Setting-up MemberPress subscription

Step-by-step manual to setup a MemberPress subscription via Pronamic Pay.

  1. Go to Memberships

    Go to WordPress Dashboard » MemberPress » Memberships.

  2. Create a new subscription

    Create your new subscription with its own name and description.

  3. Go to Membership Terms

    Go to the Membership Terms (mostly on the right hand side of the page.MemberPress Membership Terms

  4. Price

    Name your price for the recurring payments.

  5. Billing Type

    Select the opion ‘Recurring’ as billing type.

  6. Interval

    Select the interval of the recurring payments.

  7. Limit Payment Cycles

    If you want to limit the number of recurring payment you can select this option and set a maximum number of payments and condition for access.

Note: When the Mollie-configuration is set to ‘Test’ mode, the recurring payments for “Direct debit (mandate via..)” will never get status ‘Complete’ but only ‘Pending’. To test the setup we advise to use the creditcard payment method.

View subscriptions and payments

All subscriptions which are made via our plugin are available via WordPress Dashboard » Pay » Subscriptions. All payments – including recurring payments – are available via WordPress Dashboard » Pay » Payments. If a payment is related to a subscription it shows an extra icon:

  • Pronamic Pay Payment Recurring icon first Blue recurring icon for the first payment (to setup recurring payments);
  • Pronamic Pay Payment Recurring icon Grey recurring icon for all recurring payment which are made automatically.

When viewing a subscription, all payments created for that specific subscription are also shown. If there are any problems with a payment, the payment can be viewed and an explanation for the status of the payment may be given in the “Log” box.

MemberPress demo site

We’ve made a demo site running the MemberPress plugin and our Pronamic Pay plugin. This sites uses the payment provider Mollie. Take a look and investigate the MemberPress functionality.

Last modified: 3 June 2020.