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Pronamic Donations

Pronamic Donations is deprecated. Need a donation solution? Try Pronamic Pay with the Fundraising add-on. Combine these with Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms or Formidable Forms for a complete donation of crowdfunding solution.


Assuming that Gravity Forms and Pronamic iDEAL already installed, the configuration of the Pronamic Donations plugin is a piece of cake.

1. Upload Pronamic Donations plugin to the wp-content/plugins / directory.
2. Activate the plugin through Plugins.
3. Create a new form with Gravity Forms using Forms > New Form.
4. Add the required fields. Do not forget to add the field Total. This field is needed to update the total amount.
5. Configure the plugin via Settings > Pronamic Donations and choose the Settings tab.
6. Drag one of the Pronamic Donations widgets to the desired widget area to display the donation information on the website. The donation widget could be used to display information from specific posts. The Total Donations widget is used to display the overall donation information.


  • id (optional)
    The id of the post to show the donation information from.
  • number (optional)
    Whether or not do display the donation number. Default is set to ‘true’.
  • goal (optional)
    Whether or not do display the donation goal. Default is set to ‘true’.
  • raised (optional)
    Whether or not do display the donation raised amount. Default is set to ‘true’.
  • percentage (optional)
    Whether or not do display the percentages. Default is set to ‘true’.
  • form (optional)
    Whether or not do display a button to the donation form. Default is set to ‘true’.

Template functions

  • pronamic_donations_get_total_raised()
  • pronamic_donations_get_total_number()
Last modified: 5 June 2020.