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Pronamic Pay – Getting Started

This manual is meant for first time users of the Pronamic Pay plugin. Pronamic Pay is the bridge between WordPress e-commerce plugins and payment providers. Before you start with your configuration some preperations are necessary.

Before we start

  • Activate e-commerce plugin
    You need a supported e-commerce plugin activated in your WordPress install. Examples are much used plugins like WooCommerce (webshops), Gravity Forms (order/registration forms) or Event Espresso (selling event tickets). Watch the complete list of supported plugins on the productpage.
  • Connect with a payment provider
    A payment provider is needed to actually process payments. We are not a payment provider ourself, you need an account with an payment provider or bank for this. We support the most popular payment providers and banks. The Pronamic Pay plugin makes the connection between the used payment provider and e-commerce plugin.

When you fixed this you are ready to start with the Pronamic Pay plugin. We try to make the plugin as user-friendly as possible. After following the following steps you can start receiving payments via WordPress.

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Installing the Pronamic Pay plugin

Step-by-step manual for getting started with the Pronamic Pay plugin.

  1. Order the Pronamic Pay plugin

    Order your license key for the Pronamic Pay plugin at Choose one of the tree options available. You will receive an email with the license key and a download link to the ZIP-files of the plugin.

  2. Login to your WordPress website

    When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘WordPress Dashboard’.

  3. Go to ‘Plugins’

    On the left-hand side of your screen you see a menu. Click on the item ‘Plugins’.

  4. Add new plugin

    On the plugins page you see in the upper side the option ‘Add new’, click on it.

  5. Upload and install the plugin

    Click on the upper side of the page on ‘Upload plugin’. Browse to the folder where you saved the downloaded plugin and select its zip file. Click on ‘Install Now’. The plugin is now being installed on your WordPress site.

  6. Activate the plugin

    Now you can activate the plugin. When activated you see an new item ‘Pay’ in the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

  7. Activate your license key

    Go to the Settings page of the Pronamic Pay plugin via Pay » Settings. Fill in your license key in the ‘Support License Key’ field and click ‘Save Changes’.

  8. You are ready to start using Pronamic Pay

    The Pronamic Pay plugin is now successfully installed and activated. You are now ready to setup a payment provider configuration and connect a e-commerce plugin.

Configurations for payment providers

More manuals on our Dutch site

Available connections for e-commerce plugins

Recurring payments

The Pronamic Pay plugin supports recurring payments via some payment providers. Please follow the ‘Recurring payments with Pronamic Pay manual (Dutch)’ for more information about recurring payments or follow one of the following manuals:

Last modified: 12 January 2022.