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WooCommerce Stock Synchronization

Sync stock between multiple WooCommerce sites

The WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin allows you to synchronize the stock values of the same products across multiple WooCommerce shops. Only stock levels are synchronized, not the products themselves. This guide contains all the necessary information to get the plugin up and running quickly.

IMPORTANT: All products you want to synchronize, must share the same SKU. If you use product variations, make sure all variations have their own unique SKU.
NOTICE: The WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin only syncs the stock. We have no plans to add support for syncing other product data.


Before you can synchronize stock levels with the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin, you first need to set some required information.

After installing and activating the plugin, you should see a menu item Stock Synchronization under your WooCommerce button in the main menu. Opening this item will show the following page:

WooCommerce Stock Synchronization

It is in those fields that we must configure only 2 things before the plugin starts to work: URLs and a shared password.


URLs indicate the locations of your WordPress sites you wish to synchronize stock of WordPress products to.

Imagine you have the following 2 sites, which you wish to keep stock synchronized between:


You will then set the configuration on as:

WooCommerce Stock Synchronization

and on as:

WooCommerce Stock Synchronization

When you press Save Changes, additional URL fields will be added. Continue adding sites as needed, at least one URL is required to be able to synchronize stock levels to an other store.


This is a secure password so that the plugin only accepts authorized stock modifications. We recommend a strong password, which you need to configure on each site you’re using the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin on (you need to enter the same password in each store).

Once you’ve entered the URL’s and have set the password, clicking Save Changes will save those details and the plugin will be ready to use.


There are 3 usages of the WooCommerce Stock Synchronization plugin.

  1. When you save a product
  2. When an order is placed
  3. The Push Stock button

Automatic stock synchronization

Stock levels are automatically synchronized when you edit a product and the changes are saved. Also, when the stock increases or decreases because an order was placed or cancelled, this will get synchronized to all the stores you’ve added.

Manually: the Push Stock button

The Push Stock button on the Stock tab will retrieve stock values for ALL products on the site and send these to every site listed in the URLs of the settings page.


  1. There is a product Car with an SKU of 12345 on both and
  2. On product Car with SKU of 12345 has a stock of 10
  3. On product Car with SKU of 12345 has a stock of 5
  4. You press the Push Stock button on
  5. It then sends the stock value of SKU 12345 to
  6. product Car of SKU 12345 now has a stock value of 10
Last modified: 23 January 2020.